Use The Force … to Learn to Code!

Coding is becoming as integral a part of a kids education as math and reading. It teaches logic and helps kids better understand how the world of technology they’re surrounded by actually works. Also, Star Wars is objectively awesome and every kid wishes they had the Force. Kano is tapping into that with their Star Wars The Force Coding kit!

Use The Force ... to Learn to Code!

It’s a pretty amazing setup, as seen from their YouTube demo:

Basically, the idea is that kids learn to build the hardware, then the software walks them through the various ways they can code the games and control it with their gestures. It works with Fire tablets (2017 or newer, and it won’t work with Kindle FreeTime or a kid’s account), iPads, Macs, and Windows PCs, so chances are your future Jedi/Sith/coder has access to a device that works with the Kano! MSRP is $79.99, which is not a bad price to tap into the Force!

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