Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones Offer a Great Value

Until very recently, wireless headphones were seen as premium items but with fewer and fewer devices coming with headphone jacks, having affordable wireless headphones has become important. Mixcder HD901 headphones offer fantastic value for anyone looking for wireless listening without breaking the bank.

Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones Offer a Great Value

Build, Fit and Features

A big part of any pair of over-the-ear headphones, like these, is the build and fit. As you can imagine, for this price, the build quality is entirely hard plastic. This goes throughout the entire product including the headband area that is adjustable but again is hard plastic. The result of this is the headphones are very light which is good but also makes a lot of creaky, plastic noises when you adjust the size. Even the finish that’s on the outside of the ear cups, is just hard plastic and you don’t really get a good feeling when you touch it.

Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones Offer a Great Value

All the controls and ports are on the left ear.  This includes a power/multi-function, a volume up/down, a microUSB charger, a headphone jack, microphone, and a TF card (microSD) slot. I didn’t get to test the TF card but essentially if you insert a microSD card you are able to play the music locally on the headphones. It’s worth pointing out that while this is a somewhat unique feature that I haven’t seen on many even pricier headphones, I’m not sure how useful this would be in practice. When I think of headphones, I’m thinking I want to listen to something I have on another device, not on the headphones themselves. Still, it’s a nice feature to include.

Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones Offer a Great Value

As mentioned, these are over-the-ear headphones and they fit well enough on my ears. They are small enough that they should also fit well on young kids’ ears without being too large or uncomfortable. Also the lightweight will make them comfortable to wear for longer stretches for both adults and young kids which is a positive.

Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones Offer a Great Value

Value, Value, Value

While a product should stand on its own, it is hard to not review these with the filter that they sell for $20 or less! For the price you pay for these, you get wireless headphones (that can also be wired with the included cord), the ability to play local music on a TF card and a decent battery life (estimated to be about 8 hours). Of course, you can find headphones that sound better, fit better, are built better and have more features rather easily these days. I think where the Mixcder HD901 standalone is getting the basics right for an extremely affordable price. As mentioned these are also perfect for young kids given the cheap cost but also the lightweight. I think only two years ago, having headphones like these for this price would have been hard to imagine but that’s how you know technology is progressing when things that were expensive are now affordable and accessible to a lot more people.

Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones Offer a Great Value

The Mixcder HD901 headphones are available for $24.99; you can find them on the manufacturer’s site and on Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied sample

What I Like: They’re $20 or less, lightweight and work well as expected

What Needs Improvement: Cheap build quality and sound quality isn’t great

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