I Need a Set of Metomics Metal Designer Blocks!

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Creating with plastic building blocks is fun, but building with Metomics Metal Designer Blocks looks like it will take creativity to the next level with gorgeous and long-lasting anodized aluminum designer blocks!

I Need a Set of Metomics Metal Designer Blocks!

Metomics designer building blocks are made from precision-cut anodized aluminum; they connect together to form creations that are only limited by the number of building blocks you have and your imagination. Metomics blocks are colorful, fun to build with, and they articulate so that you can pose your creations. I had a chance to admire them while attending the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show in Hong Kong this week.

There are multiple kits available but I really have my eye on the yellow T-Rex or the red gecko.

I Need a Set of Metomics Metal Designer Blocks!

Right now, there are 33 individual block designs available, but Metomics is planning even more.

I Need a Set of Metomics Metal Designer Blocks!

Metomics has instruction guides that are available online and on their mobile app, so if you aren’t feeling creative on your own, you can always get a little guidance for something cool to build.

I like things that are well made and built to last; Metomics tick each box! Learn more about Metomics Metal Designer Blocks here.


Disclosure: I’m in Hong Kong for the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show as their guest; they paid for my travel, room, and some meals, but there were no conditions or expectations made regarding what I chose to write about regarding my experience.

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