Make Your Hair Care As Smart As the Brain It Covers with the Tineco Moda One S Hairdryer

If you’ve never had to use a hairdryer, you haven’t given much thought to how time-consuming the process can be. You hold a device blowing air on your head until your hair behaves or you give up and find a hair tie. While Tineco can’t make your hair behave, their Moda One S hairdryer makes the process more intelligent!

Make Your Hair Care As Smart As the Brain It Covers with the Tineco Moda One S Hairdryer

Moda One S uses sensors to determine how dry your hair is getting. As a result, it can better adjust the airflow and the heat, so you don’t get that itchy, burning scalp feeling from overuse of the dryer. Tineco also includes an LED on the back so you can get a visual of how wet or dry your hair is as you go-it turns from blue (wet) to red (dry) so you can easily move around, stop blowing, etc., more easily. In theory, by regulating the heat and power of the dryer more efficiently, your hair gets dry without drying out or frizzing, so you get a smoother, sleeker, dryer experience. It also features magnetic nozzle attachments for both a smoother and concentrator, so no matter which you need to get your unruly mop under control you’re covered.

Hairdryers might seem like an odd choice to make “smart”, but personal care products are something we use daily, if not multiple times a day, so making them mold more specifically to your needs is a huge leap forward. Be sure to look for the Moda One S from Tineco this spring!


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