GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ

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GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ Listen to this article

BBQ is actually a simple idea. Get perfect seasoning and perfect meat temperature and you create great food. While the idea is simple, getting those temps perfect can be tricky. The GrillEye Pro+ ($99.99) is a hybrid wireless Bluetooth smoking thermometer which will ensure perfect temperatures every time without babysitting your smoker. Let’s take a look.

The GrillEye Pro+ features a hybrid connection system which automatically switches from Bluetooth to WiFi depending on your distance from the device. Up to 8 probes will be able to be monitored remotely from iOS, Apple Watch, and Android devices. The ability to remotely watch the temps of your grill as well as the meats is a game changer. I have a crazy work schedule, and now I can do long smokes of brisket or ribs and not have to clear 12 hours to watch it. Several times I have smoked something and called my son to take it off because the temps were perfect and I was not at home. The app allows for timers, preset temps, and alarms to make sure you never mess up a meal. It is close to set it and forget it.

GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ

The package comes with two probes that can be used for both ambient pit temps (with included grate clip) as well as meat temps. The probes measures up to 572° F and can withstand up to 716° F. I love that the probes are dual use so that I can find temps in different areas of the grill and also multiple meats. The wires are long enough that any set up should be usable. I have used a probe in two different pits at one time with no issues. Extra probes can be bought for $19.99 and do not forget you can use up to 8 at one time.

GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ


GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ

Where the GrillEye Pro+ really shines is the unit itself. The ergonomics and design is pleasing and user friendly. Attach to a shelf or smoker with the strong magnet and rotate the display to best suit the position. This is important for long cooks when the thermometer could fall or not be easy to read. The display is easy to read and even works in direct sunlight. As probes are plugged in, the screen will split and add another window. It really feels like a smart device.

GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ

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GrillEye Pro Plus Helps Perfect Your BBQ

The GrillEye Pro+ is a fantastic device. Having 8 probe ports and an easy to read screen, the device is a fantastic option to monitor your meat and pit temperatures. Once you add the hybrid BlueTooth and Wifi capabilities connected to the app, you have a must have device for any BBQ pitmaster. The battery and connection will last long enough to do a brisket and your meats will come out perfect every time. Now all I need is to add six more probes to my unit to really get some stuff done!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit.

What I like: Excellent design and ergonomics coupled with wireless monitoring brings a fantastic BBQ tool

What can be improved: My only improvement would be to get to 8 probes, other than that, I love the product


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