MediaTek Announces the Dimensity 1000 5G Chip

MediaTek isn’t a name that’s on the top of anyone’s mind when thinking about the devices that power your life. But it’s their technology helping make your Alexa smarter, your game graphics more realistic, and your internet speedier. And now they’re adding that magic to 5G with their new Dimensity 1000 chips!

MediaTek Announces the Dimensity 1000 5G Chip

Features and technology in the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 include:

  • Most Power Efficient 5G Modem: The chipset’s integrated 5G modem delivers extreme energy efficiency and is a more power-efficient design than competing solutions. This compact, integrated design also lets brands use the extra space for other features like a bigger battery or larger camera sensors.
  • Unparalleled Imaging: With the world’s first five-core image signal processor (ISP) combined with MediaTek’s Imagiq+ technology, Dimensity 1000 provides a truly extraordinary camera and video experience. The chipset supports 80MP cameras sensors at 24 frames per second (FSP) and a range of multi-camera options such as 32+16MP dual cameras.
  • Powerful APU Camera & Video Support: The APU supports advanced AI-camera enhancements for autofocus, auto exposure, auto white balance, noise reduction, high-dynamic-range (HDR) and facial detection, along with the world’s first multi-frame video HDR capability.
  • World’s First Dual 5G SIM: With the world’s first dual 5G SIM technology, in addition to support for services such as Voice over New Radio (VoNR), the 5G SoC delivers seamless connectivity across networks and offers consistent speeds.
  •  Faster Performance: Dimensity 1000 is the only fully integrated solution that can aggregate two 5G connections (2CC CA), providing the world’s fastest performance of up to 4.7Gbps.
  • Stunning Graphics: The chipset delivers stunning graphics with support for FullHD+ displays up to 120Hz and 2K+ up to 90Hz. Dimensity is the first mobile SoC with AV1 format support to enable new levels of visual detail, crisper sound and higher resolution for streaming media.
  • Seamless Handover: With 5G carrier aggregation, the chipset posts higher average speeds and performs a seamless handover between two connection areas (high-speed layer and coverage layer) for seamless high-speed connections when users are on the go.

Sure, Dimensity 1000 sounds like the killer in Terminator 15: Nope, The Robots Haven’t Won Yet, but it’s actually a super-advanced 5G system on a chip from MediaTek. It’s power-efficient, supports dual-SIM technology, and can help drive AI for better photos and videos. Basically, you’re never going to see it, but you’ll want it hiding in your next phone!

Dimensity 1000 brings the latest connectivity, multimedia, AI, imaging and gaming innovations, all tuned for 5G performance to consumers so they can expect incredible experiences with Dimensity powered 5G devices,” said Joe Chen, MediaTek president



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