‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Is the Greatest Show Ever Made

If you’re a comics fan, you’re probably reasonably aware that ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ is coming to The CW this Sunday at 8 pm. But when Crisis ends, the best show on television returns … praise Beebo!

'Legends of Tomorrow' Is the Greatest Show Ever Made

Yes, the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will be back, and based on the trailer, so are the puppets, a Mr. Rogers spoof, Genghis Khan on a scooter, and Beebo. It sounds like a weird combo, but this is also a show that had the heroes saving young Barack Obama from a killer telepathic gorilla, so. Also, if you squint really hard at 37s into the trailer, it appears The Atom may have gone where even Ant-Man feared to tread…

Check out the trailer, and mark your calendar for January 21st! And if for some reason you aren’t caught up on the greatest superhero team ever created, you can find seasons 1-4 on Netflix.

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