Bellroy Wallets Are Designed to Make Everyone on Your Holiday List Happy

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Bellroy Wallets Are Designed to Make Everyone on Your Holiday List Happy Listen to this article

Who says buying wallets for a family member has to be boring? For the dad who has everything to the student who constantly loses their ID card, Bellroy has a little something for everybody to check out over the holidays.

Bellroy Wallets Are Designed to Make Everyone on Your Holiday List Happy

There are three products by Bellroy that I think would be great stocking stuffers this year, with the first being their Notebook Cover & Pen. Designed to be minimal, all while allowing you to get things done, the Notebook Cover by Bellroy comes complete with a pre-loaded Bellroy Notebook that is great for quickly jotting things down. The pen has a ballpoint tip full of black ink that when it runs out can be easily replaced. The Notebook can also double as a passport holder, with its ability to fit two passports effortlessly. The only caveat being that it does not have a zipper or latch to keep your passports secure, though it does have a magnetic closure that works just as well.

Bellroy Wallets Are Designed to Make Everyone on Your Holiday List Happy

Aside from its ability to function as a notepad, the Notebook Cover doubles as a wallet, holding between 4 to 6 cards easily. In practice, four cards would be ideal, especially if you have a metal card such as the Chase Sapphire card that’s a bit thicker than your standard credit card. Available in Navy, Black, Caramel or Graphite, you can purchase a Notebook Cover & pen for $99 here.

Bellroy Wallets Are Designed to Make Everyone on Your Holiday List Happy

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If you or someone you love hates bulky wallets and only carries a couple of cards and a few bills with them, look no further than the Slim Sleeve Designers edition. Designed with premium leather, the Slim Sleeve is a wallet that looks good in the front or back pocket. With its minimal stitching and low-profile Bellroy logo on the front, the focus for the Slim Sleeve Designer’s Edition is to keep your silhouette smooth all while carrying your necessary cards. It’s said that the Slim Sleeve by Bellroy can fit between 4 to 12 cards, but I’ve maxed out at 6 cards to avoid stretching the leather more than I’d like. At only 95mm x 80mm, the Slim Sleeve has fit in all of my pants including my skinny jeans with ease and not had a “protruding” profile to them.

There are two quick access card slots that I personally use for my Metro card and my ID which is helpful, and with two quick pull tabs on the inside of the wallet, a quick slide up you’ll get access to the cards you need to use without having to sift through which card is what when you get up to the register. At $139.99, you certainly get what you pay for in the Slim Sleeve; even after four months of use, its European leather has developed a patina that looks good on the black color I received. I bet that if you get the Burnt Sienna or the Nubuck “Galaxy Grey”, you’ll be equally impressed. You can purchase the Slim Sleeve here.

Bellroy Wallets Are Designed to Make Everyone on Your Holiday List Happy

Finally there’s the Card Pocket. Able to hold up to 15+ cards, the Card Pocket by Bellroy is a zippered wallet that doubles as a pouch for coins, or it can hold your tri-folded bills. I’m personally a fan of zippered wallets because there’s less chance that cards will fall out; there’s also something truly pleasing to me about unzipping a wallet to get to my things. I would’ve loved to see an external quick-access pocket for a card or two like the Slim Sleeve I spoke of previously, but that’s just a personal ask for me (but if Bellroy is listening feel free to create that).

With 15 cards (I personally would never carry that many) the Wallet could get pretty tight which could result in the zipper sticking when attempting to open or close, so I wouldn’t suggest going that route. Nonetheless, the Card Pocket by Bellroy is a great secure wallet for all of your credit cards, dollar bills, change; with CES coming up, it might serve as a great business card holder, if you’re into that type of thing. Available in six colors, you can pick one up for $59.99 by clicking here.

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