Nokia Updates the Nokia 7.1 with Android 10 and a Sale for the Holidays

If you remember the dark days before smartphones, you probably have a nostalgic reaction to Nokia phones … everyone had one of those Nokia candy bar style phones that played Snake and made calls. Well, you can still get a Nokia phone, but if you pick up the Nokia 7.1, you’ll now have Android 10 and a lot more power (and sure, you can install snake!)

Nokia Updates the Nokia 7.1 with Android 10 and a Sale for the Holidays

Nokia 7.1 is a midrange Android device that clocks in at a wallet-friendly $349, though it’s only $299 at Best Buy during the holiday season. Nokia has promised 2 years of software updates and 3 years of security updates, and the Android 10 release marks the 7.1’s second software upgrade, so it seems like they’re making good on that promise! The Nokia 7.1 is part of the Android One program, so you get a near-stock Android experience along with software updates and patches. It’s not as common as you’d think — Nokia rightfully brags that they lead their competition in terms of security software updates and patches, which makes the bargain price even more attractive!

In addition to some security peace of mind, the 7.1 with Android 10 will feature Smart Reply, gesture controls, focus mode, privacy controls, and family link, so you’ll be able to get work done and keep the kids from goofing off without worrying that someone’s spying on you through your phone. All that AND it comes with a Carl Zeiss lens for solid photography, so if you’re in the market for a new phone, swing by your local Best Buy in person or online ASAP!

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