Eufy’s Handheld Vac Is Great for Couches or Cars

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Anker’s Eufy brand has some of the best robot vacuums on the market, but sometimes you just want to get a quick cleanup, and there are certain areas that truly cannot be reached by the RoboVac. This is where Eufy’s H11 series comes into play.

Eufy’s Handheld Vac Is Great for Couches or Cars

A perfect stocking stuffer, the Eufy H11 and H11 Pure are a pair of handheld vacuum cleaners that are cordless and light, allowing users to clean between crevices to get those crumbs out of the corners of the couch.

Eufy’s Handheld Vac Is Great for Couches or Cars

My wife and I tend to eat in the car on our road trips, and rather than have Sparky pick up the crumbs on the drive with it’s Max 5500Pa Suction Power, the H11 series is great to have in the backseat to clean up behind you. With a 13-minute runtime, the H11 and H11 Pure alike are both great, with the main difference between the two being that the H11 Pure comes complete with an air purification mode, which is great for freshening up the air in your car. Both have a HEPA washable filter so you don’t have to worry about disposing and replacing often as well.

Eufy’s Handheld Vac Is Great for Couches or Cars

Complete with a Micro USB cable to charge whichever device that you choose, the H11 costs $49.99, with the H11 Pure only costing $10 more at $59.99. Available now, you can purchase them both directly from Anker’s website.

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