Lenovo and NEC Join Forces to Roll out the LAVIE Line of Laptops and All-in-Ones

Lenovo and NEC have both been around for some time, and they’ve teamed up to bring their combined expertise to a new line of computers, whether you’re looking for a notebook or a stylish all-in-one, all under the new LAVIE brand.

If all-in-ones are your thing, check out the LAVIE Home AIO. It boasts a 27in FHD screen, a Crystal Sound Display from Yamaha, Alexa, and Cortana, plus it can be woken up by voice. Combined with the “fine white” body, it really does look futuristic, and any computer that responds by voice, and therefore brings us that much closer to a Star Trek future, is super cool. Of course, it also helps that the LAVIE Home comes with up to a terabyte of storage on a hard drive plus 256gb on an SSD, Windows 10 Home, and even a DVD drive. Look for the LAVIE Home to come in March 2020 starting at $1,799.99.

If portability is more your speed, LAVIE has a few options for you. First up is the LAVIE Vega, with a 4K screen, Yamaha speakers, and a “smart light”, which basically allows the laptop to function as a smart speaker, allowing you to ask Cortana questions, even when the laptop is closed. Style-wise, the laptop comes in “alumite blue” with a Gorilla glass back that LAVIE says gives it a mirror finish. You also get everything you expect in a high-end notebook, like Windows 10 Home, 8gb of RAM, and 512 GB of storage. Coming March 2020 starting at $2,099.99.

Maybe you’re more interested in getting work done on the go. LAVIE has you covered there too with the LAVIE Pro Mobile, a super lightweight laptop (1.85lbs!). It’s made from magnesium and carbon fiber, which is how it gets lighter than the can of beans in the back of your pantry. The hinge is also designed to tilt the keyboard into a more ergonomic angle, so you can bang out those TPS reports without harming your posture, and there’s a fingerprint reader on the power button for extra security. Again, you’re also getting Windows 10 Home, 8gb of RAM, 512 GB of storage, Yamaha speakers, and a 13.3FHD screen. Plus it comes in “Classic Bordeaux”, so it’ll stand out in a sea of black and silver laptops at your local Starbucks (or, I guess you could pair your laptop with your drink if you worked out of a wine bar). No matter where you choose to work, starting in March 2020 you can do it on the LAVIE Pro Mobile starting at $1,599.99. You can learn more here.

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