Dell XPS and Alienware Aurora Desktops Get Newer, Faster Intel Processors

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Desktop towers went from being a fixture in every home to a rarity, but the ones that are still made fit niches that go above and beyond the sea of boring laptops. Dell is trying to make you excited for a desktop again by adding Intel K-Series processors into new XPS and Alienware desktops!

Dell XPS and Alienware Aurora Desktops Get Newer, Faster Intel Processors

Alienware Aurora is designed to give you the ultimate edge in all things gaming. It features a special “thermally advantaged” chassis, updated graphics cards, a liquid cooling solution, and of course, a 9th Generation 8-Core Series processor. The Aurora will also come with Alienware Command Center, so you can better customize and manage the various peripherals that make you an esports champion. It will be available later this month starting at $899 at

Dell XPS and Alienware Aurora Desktops Get Newer, Faster Intel Processors

If your need for speed and power is more along the lines of a creative outlet, the XPS is calling your name. It’s going to feature 9th gen processors and will be able to handle any sort of video and graphics work. It will also come with Intel Quick Sync Video so the hardware works harder for your video needs, plus it has Intel Optane memory, which loads up your most-used apps faster. You’ll have the family vacation video edited and ready to watch before you’ve unpacked the car! New XPS desktops will be coming October 29 starting at $1,099 at

Desktops may not be as sexy as laptops and tablets, but they’re solid, fast machines, and Dell and Alienware are making sure they are never boring!

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