The Lander Torrey Case for iPhone 11 Is ”Drop-Proof” Protection

We review a lot of phone cases on the site. Some are thin, light, and simple. Some are big, bulky, and super-protective. Some have metal plates for mounting the phone on a charger. Others let you leave your wallet at home. But few have the special sauce of the Lander Torrey Case for iPhone 11.

The case looks simple enough at first. A simple, snap-on case, it protects the back and sides of the phone while leaving the screen open and accessible.

There is a large cutout for the camera lenses, microphone, and flash.

The buttons are covered but remain fully functional.

While in the case, the top of the phone and upper corners are completely protected.

The bottom corners are protected, but the speakers and Lightning connector are open and accessible.

The case itself offers far more protection than you might initially think. Made from impact-resistant TPU, the case will protect your phone from a drop of up to ten feet. (That’s pretty impressive for a case that doesn’t have the bulk or weight so often seen in rugged cases.

Also, inside the case, there is a special insulating liner that not only adds to the protective qualities of the case but also keeps the device working when used in harsh climates. (Considering how many times my phone gave me the black screen of ”your phone is burning up and won’t work until it cools down” last summer I can’t wait to try this feature out!)

But there’s more.

In the middle of the lower portion of the case’s back, there is a reinforced cutout.

This works in tandem with the included lanyard so you can secure your phone to your wrist etc. and won’t need to test its drop-protective prowess.

The lanyard even has reflective accents so you can be seen when carrying your phone at night.

As the company explains:

The Lander Torrey case for your iPhone 11 delivers true peace of mind. Its ThermoLine insulation layer keeps your device at optimal working temperature in extreme climates. A detachable lanyard helps prevent your iPhone 11 from dropping, along with a smooth pebble-like surface that provides a great-feeling grip for your hand. If you do drop your iPhone, the Torrey case’s impact-resistant TPU construction can withstand a fall from up to 10 feet (3 meters).

The case is available in several different colors. These include-


  • Protects from drops of up to 10 feet (3 meters)
  • Advanced ThermoLine insulation layer keeps your iPhone at optimal working temperature
  • Detachable lanyard prevents drops
  • Reflective accents on lanyard provide visibility
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Smooth minimal design

If you aren’t looking to spend a bundle on a case but want one that is more than decorative, this $39.99 case might be the one for you. It offers:

  • THERMOLINE: ThermoLineTM is tested and proven to help protect your phone against the effects of climates from 0oF to 120oF/-18oC to 49oC.
  • ANCHOR SYSTEM: Included lanyard can be taken on and off to secure your phone in adverse conditions.
  • CRUSH ZONES: Crush zones and rigid, durable construction create added impact protection.
  • ILLUMIFIND: Reflective stitched details catch any light making the Torrey case easy to find in the dark.

Weighing in at just 1.8oz, the Lander Torrey case for your iPhone 11 looks like a simple skin, but it will help keep your phone safe. Considering that many of the current iPhones approach (or exceed) $1000, having this degree of protection makes a lot of sense. You can check it, and models for other popular phones, here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Lander Torrey Case for iPhone 11

What I Like: Available in several colors; Thin, light but very protective; Interior lining helps maintain the phone’s optimal temperature; Lanyard offers an extra layer of protection; Under $40

What Needs Improvement: The case has a bit of a texture that might not appeal to everyone

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