Growing An Avocado Tree the AvoSeedo Way!

Avocados are delicious. Most of the time, you probably remove the seed in the middle, pat yourself on the back for not slicing off a finger, and move on with your meal. AvoSeedo has a better idea-grow an avocado tree!

We’re testing it out at my house, and while we haven’t seen much progress, there’s a lot of enthusiasm (from my son — the avocado seed hasn’t given much of an opinion yet).

Growing An Avocado Tree the AvoSeedo Way!

My little guy was so excited when the AvoSeedo kit arrived, he wanted to me head out immediately to buy an avocado for it…unfortunately, we were in the middle of the only significant snow we’ve had all winter, so he reluctantly agreed to wait until the next day. So at 6 am the next morning, I woke up with him staring at me saying “don’t forget, we need to get an avocado today!” We did procure the avocado as needed, and I managed to de-seed it without losing an extremity.

From there, the setup of AvoSeedo was easy. We just filled the basin with water, settled the seed in its little indent in the bear, and let it soak and hopefully start growing soon. My son enjoyed decorating the bear with stickers, and he’s named the avocado “AvocaBro”. He checks in with it every few days and encourages it to “grow strong”. AvoSeedo says it can take 1-2 months for the seed to sprout, so stay tuned for updates as “AvocaBro” hopefully grows!

If you’re interested in your own Avocabro, AvoSeed0 2.0 is $24.95, not counting the cost of the avocado.

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