FLUX Debuts the Powerful, Compact Beamo Laser Cutter & Engraver on Kickstarter

FLUX Technology is back on Kickstarter with a brand new compact CO2 laser cutter and engraver named beamo. Beamo is a small, affordable laser cutter designed to be easy to use for engraving precise patterns or cutting hundreds of materials. With a high-resolution laser and a small footprint, you can back beamo on Kickstarter now, starting at just $799.

FLUX’s Beamo was built for hobbyists, makers, and educators as a compact laser cutter and engraver while not compromising quality or performance. Beamo is impressive in a few significant ways.

  • First, it’s simple to use. With a short learning curve and quick setup, you can get going in no time.
  • Second, it’s designed to be compact and fit into any workspace. It’s only 24.21” x 17.52” x 6.97”, which will fit on any counter.
  • Third, it’s built to be modular, offering add-on features like rotary printing and autofocus. You can also swap out the laser between a semiconductor/diode and CO2 laser for better performance with different materials.
  • Fourth, it’s powerful and packs features typically found in professional laser cutters, including camera alignment, hybrid laser, autofocus, internal water-cooling.
  • Fifth, it’s silent thanks to its powerful and quiet ventilation fans.
  • Sixth, and potentially most important to some, is it’s much more affordable than similar laser cutters on the market today.

Photos courtesy of FLUX

The FLUX beamo has a few neat features worth mentioning, including a built-in camera to give you a live preview of the design and materials. You can also capture sketches and drawings and turn them into digital files with beamo. The 30W CO2 laser easily cuts through 3mm thick wood, acrylic, and many other materials with clear cut edges.

Photos courtesy of FLUX

The beamo also has a built-in water-cooling system as well as a ventilation system, which makes it a truly all-in-one desktop laser cutter. The FLUX beamo software is compatible with Windows/MacOS, Linux and they also have a mobile app to provide a fast, innovative workflow.

Photos courtesy of FLUX

If you’re in the market for a laser cutter and you’re a fan of the Kickstarter pre-order model, check out FLUX beamo’s Kickstarter campaign to pre-order yours starting at $799, which is a huge discount off of the expected MSRP of $1,499. Kickstarter orders are scheduled to be shipped in November 2019.

Plus, stay tuned to Gear Diary where we’ll have a hands-on review coming soon!

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