Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

Logitech has just announced their new $169.99 StreamCam. Described as, “the ultimate experience for streamers,” the new camera is small but does an amazing job capturing audio and video at a time when any individual with a computer can now be a content creator.Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam is a video capture camera for those who are focused on streaming and gaming. The goal was to bring people together, not just about focus on products but great products that allow you to connect with others. One of the biggest ways that happen today is through video. In fact, in a recent study, 52% of young people want to become stars on YouTube compared to 15% who say they want to be famous through a more “traditional” medium. Yes, more kids wanted to be YouTube stars than traditional movie stars.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCamBecome a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam camera is small but packs a punch. Measuring a little more than 2 inches long, it is a little over 2 inches wide and 2 inches high at its largest point. In other words, the camera is small, but it packs a punch.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

CONNECTS WITH USB-C: The standard for fast and reliable connections, StreamCam uses USB Type-C to ensure efficient video transfer speeds. Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.14 and above.

Connected to the StreamCam is a long cable that ends in a USB-C connector. The company was intentional in its decision to use a USB-C connector and not a legacy USB-A connection. This makes sense considering the amount of data being captured by the camera and sent to the computer. They also opted not to include a USB-C to USB-A dongle in the box both because this would degrade the quality of the audio and video but also because it would add to technology waste. When you get a dongle, you don’t need in a box, it just ends up in the garbage so better to not include it and make them available for purchase at a reasonable price. Considering the incredible damage, we’re doing to the planet. I like the fact that companies are beginning to think this way.

VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Achieve the perfect angle for any stream or video with flexible mounting options. The monitor mount features the ability to tilt and pan, or you can even mount it on a tripod. Built-in electronic image stabilization reduces camera shake from accidental bumps or movement.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam comes with two ways to attach it. One connector allows you to connect it to your monitor or your computer screen if you’re using something like an iMac. It’s a connection system we’ve seen before, and it works quite well.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

Also, Logitech included a connector that has a traditional tripod screw mount. This allows you to have total flexibility about locating and mounting your camera.

Also, both mounts can hold the camera either in landscape or portrait, so you don’t have to rotate your video once you’re into post-production. It’s that kind of thoughtful, small tweak that makes a huge usability difference.

STREAM TRUE-TO-LIFE AT 60 FPS: Tired of looking a bit dull? Stream and record vibrant, true-to-life video with smooth motion and crisp details in full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second.

SMART AUTO-FOCUS AND EXPOSURE: Stop losing focus in the middle of streams and videos. AI-enabled facial tracking delivers accurate focus and exposure no matter where you’re positioned. Auto-exposure is finely tuned so you look your best in a variety of lighting conditions.

FULL HD VERTICAL VIDEO: Simply turn your StreamCam to instantly shift into portrait mode. Enjoy full HD in the 9:16 format —perfect for Instagram and Facebook stories.

This new camera was developed specifically for streamers. It has high fidelity audio and stabilized video. The stabilization may seem odd in a video camera that connects to your computer, but it allows you to get a smooth video even if you bump the desk. If you’ve ever had to go back and re-shoot a video because there was motion you didn’t realize you were creating by knocking on your desk, this is a feature you’re going to love.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

The camera was designed based on customer feedback. Here are some of the things the company was told and work to build into the new camera.

  • Fast: The camera that delivers 60 frames per second for smooth, crisp, lifelike video that will work for gamers and lifestyle videos alike
  • Stabilization: The camera has built-in image stabilization, so the camera doesn’t shake when we bump it during a stream.
  • High-quality video: sharp, vibrant, responsive images tuned for color accuracy
  • Smart AI: automatic exposure compensates for poor backlighting even as lighting conditions change
  • High-quality glass: The camera has a lens that delivers a 78° field of view. The premium glass lens is paired with an indicator light, so you always know when the camera is on
  • Full HD 1080P at 60 frames per second: capture every detail and vivid color with accurate and smooth motion?
  • Smart Video: Facial tracking driven by artificial intelligence auto adjust focus and exposure
  • Full HD Vertical Video: Simply rotate the camera 90° to create videos in portrait mode

The camera is specially designed to capture video with a high frame rate. The camera sensor is excellent at light gathering and can capture full-motion 60 frames per second video. It manages memory in a way that is efficient, but it is worth noting that this camera is targeted toward fairly high-performance computers. I asked about using it with my 12 inch MacBook and was told I would probably find better performance if I use my MacBook Pro instead.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam
Also, the camera captures audio quite effectively without the need for a separate audio capture device.

Other features of note include:

  • Auto image rotation
  • Auto focus
  • Smart exposure
  • Artificial intelligent framing
  • Stabilization

The Logitech StreamCam works with a variety of different video software solutions. Logitech is releasing software that takes full advantage of the camera’s abilities. I’ll be writing about that in the upcoming review. For now, however, I’ll focus on one aspect of it that stands out.

Become a Streaming Star with Logitech’s New StreamCam

A POWERFUL COMBINATION: Logitech StreamCam is even more powerful when used with Logitech Capture. Capture unlocks features on StreamCam that automate exposure, framing, stabilization and more, so you can focus on making your best content.

One of the challenges the company set out to address was the need to tweak the settings every time you plug in the camera or if you swap between cameras. There’s a great feature within the Logitech Capture software that lets you save your settings so that once you set up the camera and get the balance and the focus just right it will return to those settings each time you plug in the camera and fire up the software

And, well, what matters most when selecting a video capture camera is the quality of the video and the audio, there’s also something to be said for aesthetics. Logitech decided to deliver the new camera in both white and black so it can match your computer set up.

The company worked with influencers when developing this new device, and it delivers for under $200. When it’s released, the Logitech StreamCam will be $169.99 in the United States, and it will be available worldwide and select markets. Check it out here. The Logitech Capture software for Mac is available as a free beta download here. We’ll have a video review shortly.

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