Modern Family Reimagined as Horror!

Modern Family Reimagined as Horror!

The ABC sitcom “Modern Family” is a sweet, funny look at what it means to be a family today. Each character has a mix of unique and stereotypical traits, and the kids are no exception. Alex, the middle child of one family, is the brainy daughter, and she often plays the straight man/outsider to the wackier elements of the show.

One fan took those clips and reinterpreted them in a decidedly non-comedic way. What if Alex wasn’t just the brainy, put-upon middle child, but the brainy, put-upon, sociopath middle child?

Fans of the show will know many of the out-of-context clips, and if you aren’t a fan…well, get thee to ASAP!


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2 Comments on "Modern Family Reimagined as Horror!"

  1. That will probably be my kid one of these days! 😉

  2. LOL – It kind of reminds me of how the movie version of the Brady Bunch re-imagined Jan. I’ve seen Modern Family numerous times and thought it was funny, but not as interesting as it’s awards and accolades seem to imply. I actually find “The Middle” to be much more creative and clever but it doesn’t get nearly the accolades! Of course on “The Middle” they could almost all be easily re-imagined as sociopaths….

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