Help Settle Anxiety and Manage Panic Attacks with 45 Days of Free Premium Access to Rootd

We’re all going through the pandemic together, yet in many ways, many of us have never felt more alone. Money worries, employment woes, health fears, cabin fever, and anger at this situation, in general, can result in irrational arguments with your partner or other quarantine-mates, angst, malaise, a general sense of depression, and anxiety attacks. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Rootd wants to help.

Help Settle Anxiety and Manage Panic Attacks with 45 Days of Free Premium Access to Rootd

Rootd as an iOS and Android mobile app to help users manage their panic attacks while giving general anxiety relief. Today, Rootd announced that they are giving away 45 days of free premium access to their complete content to companies and individuals worldwide.

Rootd started with the goal of being an always-accessible resource for anyone struggling with panic attacks or anxiety. Providing Rootd for free as we navigate the current global situation feels like the most natural and essential thing to do. – Rootd’s founder Ania Wysocka

Help Settle Anxiety and Manage Panic Attacks with 45 Days of Free Premium Access to Rootd

Rootd has therapist-approved features including:

  • A panic button for when individuals are actually going through a panic attack
  • Lessons on understanding panic attacks and anxiety, as well as short term and long term changes a person can make in their life to manage anxiety and feel more in control
  • A deep breathing tool (most people with anxiety tend to be shallow breathers)
  • A body scan tool (for a form of active meditation)
  • A journal tool (for better communication with counselors)
  • Guided visualizations and soothing nature sounds
  • And a gamified stats page so that users can track progress and celebrate successes.

It’s not just for panic attacks, though. Rootd also encourages users to “take on both short-term and long-term goals to learn to effectively manage their anxiety in the long run.”

If you are interested in checking out the app and redeeming the free premium access offer, you can visit this link; there you can sign up to receive 45 days of no-commitment access to Rootd for absolutely free. Rootd is available in English, French, Portuguese, Polish; Spanish and Mandarin are coming soon. If you decide to keep it after the 45-day access period is over, you can purchase full access for $6.99 per month, $59.99 per year, or $139.99 for full lifetime access.

Dealing with anxious thoughts can be difficult for anyone, and adding on a feeling of isolation as we practice social distancing can increase the difficulty we are faced with. By providing in-the-moment panic and anxiety relief, my hope is that we can reduce the negative impact of isolation and support those who are currently struggling with mental health impacts of COVID-19. – Ania Wysocka

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