Lenovo Is Here to Improve Your Lockdown with New Gaming Laptops and a Tower to Keep You Entertained!

Here in the spring of 2020, the main theme is “stuff you can do indoors.” The parks are closed, offices are forcing you to work from home in your rattiest sweatpants, and the liquor store is now an essential business! What you need is to get lost in computer gaming, and Lenovo is ready with a refreshed gaming laptop lineup!

Lenovo consistently has a broad audience in min; whether you’re looking at desktop gaming, a budget laptop, or a more powerful experience, they’ve got just the computer for you in their lineup! Let’s take a look at their takes on the gaming space, and hopefully, your stimulus check has hit to help cover it! 😉

Legion 7: This is the most powerful of the gaming laptops offered by Lenovo, offering a 10th gen Intel processor, 15.6in FHD screen with a 240hz refresh rate, a keyboard with a dedicated number pad and a webcam with a privacy shutter. Basically, with a system like this, you’ll be able to play “Call of Duty” without turning out like that SNL twitch sketch from last week. Legion 7 starts at $1,599.99 in May 2020.

Legion 5i/5 15″: This comes in both Intel or AMD options, so even if you’ve settled on the Windows side of the PC debate and proudly rock your Android phone, you can still wade into some technological culture war with your processor choice. With either processor, you get a 15.6in FHD screen, Harmon Kardon speakers, a dedicated number pad, VR capability, and a fetching new “moss green” color (5i only). Lenovo specifically says this is designed to meet mainstream gaming needs, so you’ll be the fastest draw at Microsoft Hearts! Look for these in May 2020 starting at $829.99 for the 5i and starting at $759.99 for the 5. And if 15.6in isn’t enough for your wild Freecell sessions, Lenovo will also offer the 5i in a 17in size starting at $1,129.99.

Legion Tower 5i: Surprisingly, Legion Tower is NOT where Lenovo gaming laptops spend their downtime; it’s actually a desktop gaming rig. Lenovo’s intention is for this to be a tower you can afford, but also one that can grow with your gaming over time. It offers “toolless design” so you can easily upgrade individual components, a carry handle so you can take it to parties and events (assuming more than 5 people are ever allowed to gather in one place again), an optional transparent panel so your tower can flash you all its naughty cooling bits, and enough input/output ports to plug in every cable in your “I might need this cable someday” drawer. And at 28lbs, it’s light enough to move but heavy enough to be useful as the world’s most expensive fitness accessory (Gear Diary DOES NOT encourage you to use a Legion Tower as a kettlebell, but we do request video if you try it). Legion Tower 5i will start at $799.99 in May 2020, with an AMD version available later this year.

IdeaPad Gaming 3 15″: You make certain sacrifices to be a “budget” gaming laptop. For starters, the other laptops won’t let you join the Legion gang. More importantly, this comes with a 15.6in IPS display with a 120hz refresh rate, up to 512GB of storage instead of 1TB like the more expensive devices, and no Harman Kardon or Dolby Atmos, just regular Dolby Audio speakers. Basically, this is low-end only in the pantheon of gaming laptops-think of it as the MVP player on a Division III team…they’re never going pro, but they’re better at the game than the vast majority of people. IdeaPad won’t break your wallet, starting at $729.99 in May 2020.

It looks like we might all be under some form of lockdown for quite a while, so head to Lenovo’s site-you can justify a new laptop as a necessary tool for social distancing!

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