Nomad Shell Cordovan Wallets Celebrate American Craftsmanship and Social Responsibility

We’re fans of Nomad. They make excellent cables, comfortable bands for Apple Watch, stylish and efficient wireless chargers, and superior phone cases. They also design and manufacturer beautiful leather wallets. We’ve reviewed a few and have always been impressed. They are now offering a limited edition Shell Cordovan Wallet that reflects their craftsmanship AND social responsibility.

Shell Cordovan Wallet is a limited edition, handmade wallet designed to celebrate American craftsmanship and leather tanning.

The wallets will be limited to a production run of 250 units per color. Constructed from Horween Shell Cordovan leather, Nomad explains when they chose to use this particular material noting:

Horween’s Shell Cordovan is a unique leather prized by fine craftsmen for its deep, lustrous colors and unparalleled longevity. Shell Cordovan’s extremely dense fiber structure means the leather will not crease or crack with time, and its mirror-like finish can be restored over and over. The natural finish of Shell Cordovan produces an extremely durable leather, renowned for its strength and mirror-like luster. Each piece of Shell Cordovan is dyed by hand, meaning each piece of each wallet has its own unique character.

In other words, these wallets will look good out of the box, and no two will be the same. Over time they will develop their unique patina but won’t become brittle or dry. The Nomad Shell Cordovan Wallet is an investment you will use for years, if not decades, to come. That’s a good thing since the wallets are pricey; more on that in a moment. These wallets are an investment rather than a commodity you’ll toss in the trash after a year.

The Shell Cordovan Wallet is for the individual who likes the idea of a minimalist wallet but is not yet prepared to commit. The wallets have four pockets, which can each hold two cards. The two rear pockets can also fit folded bills, but that takes the place of two cards that could otherwise be carried. That makes a total capacity of eight cards, which is more than “minimalist,” but not even beginning to approach the overstuffed wallet my father used to carry. (By comparison, my wallet has 11 cards, cash, and two swipe cards. So while the Shell Cordovan Wallet is beautiful, it is not quite big enough for me.)

Features include:

  • Capable of holding at least eight cards plus folded cash, Shell Cordovan wallet fits comfortably in front or back pockets.
  • Shell Cordovan Horween leather from the USA
  • Black Shell Cordovan
  • Unique variations in leather in each wallet
  • Develops a rugged patina
  • They are finished with color-matched stitching and hand-burnished edges for a subtle, timeless look.
  • Handmade in Chicago, USA
  • Holds eight cards comfortably
  • Fits folded bills in rear pockets
  • Closed dimensions: Width: 7.8cm, Length: 10.2cm, Thickness: 1.5cm

I noted previously that this exclusive Shell Cordovan Wallet is handmade in a production run limited to 250 units per color. And as the title indicates, this wallet not only celebrates American craftsmanship, but it also reflects the company’s commitment to social responsibility. We’ve always been fans of Nomad’s products, and, having met the creative minds behind the company, we knew they were quality people. But in the last few months, we have seen much more. Early on in this pandemic, Nomad switched some of their production lines and began offerings masks, hand sanitizer, and other life-saving items that were in short supply. More than that, unlike far too many companies, they made these changes to help — not profit.

In response to sudden and unprecedented need, Nomad has reprioritized its operations to help provide medical supplies. Any revenue that exceeds our costs will be donated to the fight against Covid-19.

Yes, Nomad makes fantastic products. But they are also a company headed with mensches.

Well, they are doing it again.

The limited-edition Shell Cordovan Wallet has an MSRP of $249.95. $100 of that will be donated to the National Urban League. The National Urban League is:

… a historic civil right and urban advocacy organization with 90 affiliates serving 300 communities, providing direct services that impact and improve the lives of more than two million people nationwide.

So for $249.95, you get one of just 250 limited edition wallets, and you help make a significant donation to an organization that, at a time of racial strife and on-going inequality in our nation, is working to right our floundering ship. That sounds like a good combination to me. Check out these gorgeous wallets here.


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