MediaTek and Intel Take Computers to the 5G Future with Their MediaTek T700 5G Chips

5G is coming, and no, it didn’t give everyone coronavirus. It is going to make connectivity faster and more efficient, not just with phones but also tablets and computers. MediaTek has been working hard to bring 5G to a tremendous number of devices, and now they’ll have even more devices to power thanks to a partnership with Intel.

MediaTek and Intel Take Computers to the 5G Future with Their MediaTek T700 5G Chips

MediaTek’s T700 5G modem has successfully been tested for phone calls, and Intel is working hard to integrate 5G into the computing experience. Basically, you won’t have the excuse of “Oh, I couldn’t send that report, I didn’t have WiFi” because 5G will be there with you every step of the way. Sort of like a Terminator, which is both fitting and worrisome, because the MediaTek chip is a T700 while the original Terminator was a T800. Normally, we wouldn’t be THAT concerned about a coincidental overlap in naming schemes, but with the way 2020 has gone, you just never know.

In any case, the critical thing to know here is that 5G connected computers are coming, and MediaTek and Intel are ensuring they’ll be every bit as fast, smooth, and reliable as you would hope!

Via MediaTek

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