LinearFlux HyperSonic True Wireless In-Ear HD Speakers Sound Good and Stay Put

True wireless earbuds aren’t a new thing — they’ve been a few years, and they have moved from status symbol to everyday carry. I’ve never been able to embrace them because earbuds, in general, truly bother my ears. So while I had low expectations for enjoying the LinearFlux Hypersonic, I was absolutely blown away once I used them.

LinearFlux HyperSonic True Wireless In-Ear HD Speakers Sound Good and Stay Put

The Hypersonics have a similar setup and design to other true wireless earbuds. They have a carrying case that doubles as a charging case, and they come with several swappable earbud tips for comfort and fit. LinearFlux also includes what they call “comfort shells” and “sport hooks,” which are little silicon cases around the buds that include tiny hooks that rest in the folds of your ear above your ear canal. They’re rated for 6-8 hours of battery life, and supposedly 5 minutes in the case will give them enough charge for an hour of use. The case can be charged via Qi wireless charging or USB-C. Unfortunately, my only Qi charger is in my office, so I wasn’t able to test that feature. I do love that it uses USB-C because the more devices I can get on the same charging platform, the better. Linearflux includes shells and hooks in both neon greenish-yellow as well as plain black. Personally, I like the screaming neon, but if you’re using these in a professional setting or don’t love bright colors, you can tone the styling way down.

LinearFlux HyperSonic True Wireless In-Ear HD Speakers Sound Good and Stay Put

The music quality is very good. It’s not on par with what you would get from $500 headphones, but it’s excellent for $99.98 true wireless ones. My biggest quibble is that it did feel like the bass was a little weak, but overall the sound was crisp and enjoyable. They paired quickly with my iPhone initially, and they smoothly re-pair once they’re out of the charging case. I took a few short calls wearing them, and the feedback was that I sounded fine with no strange background noises or other issues. LinearFlux’s battery ratings seem fairly accurate; I used the HyperSonics for a 1.5hr long walk, and according to my phone, the battery life still seemed close to full.

That walk, by the way, is what tipped the HyperSonics into being my new favorite earbuds. As I said, most earbuds start to bother my ears around 30 minutes into using them. Even the few that are comfortable are impossible to use for running/hiking/biking because, apparently, my ears are sweaty, and then they slide out. I’ve impressed a few friends with my reflexes at snatching a falling earbud out of mid-air, but it is a real issue for me! The HyperSonics, on the other hand, were amazing. They were comfortable enough that I could wear them for 2 hours without discomfort, and they did not budge once after I locked them into my ears with the sport hooks. Even on a walk where I was the idiot who decided the 85-degree day on a route with no shade was the best choice, the HyperSonics did not shift, move, or fall out. I was extremely impressed.

LinearFlux HyperSonic True Wireless In-Ear HD Speakers Sound Good and Stay Put

The HyperSonics aren’t going to blow your mind when it comes to sound quality, but the tradeoff for a serious sound experience is the size and battery life. HyperSonics are compact, extraordinarily comfortable, offer long battery life, and can stand up to being in slippery ears. These have earned a place in my gear bag!

The LinearFlux HyperSonic True Wireless In-Ear HD Speakers sell for $99.98, and they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Liked: Fit well in my ears; didn’t budge even when sweating; Came with multiple tips for the best fit; Uses USB-C; Long battery life.

What Needs Improvement: Bass was not super strong

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  1. Thanks for the review. My Apple AirPods have been worthless because they always fall out, regardless of every adjustment I’ve made to them. Your comments about fit are good enough for me. I’ll try a pair.

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