OrCam Teams up with Lionel Messi to Bring New Technologies to Help the Visually Impaired

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We take for granted that our senses are there to help us navigate the world. If you’re lucky, your hearing works well; you can taste when food goes bad or smell when the garbage has to go out, and you can see and read signs to navigate the world around you. People who are visually impaired don’t always have that ability. OrCam has a pretty amazing solution with the OrCam MyEye, and they’re teaming up with soccer star Lionel Messi to help promote it.

OrCam Teams up with Lionel Messi to Bring New Technologies to Help the Visually Impaired

MyEye attaches to glasses and uses AI to identify and read menus, signage, currency, and other written items, allowing someone who is visually impaired to navigate the world more easily. It also features face recognition as well as identifying colors. All these are important, because if you’re blind or only have partial sight, how do you navigate a grocery store or even verify if you have the correct cash to buy something? MyEye gives users a hands-free way to address everyday life on their own, basically acting as their eyes for them.

Check it out in action:

Lionel Messi will be heading a global project for OrCam, and will be working with the company to gift MyEye to people with inspiring stories as part of the OrCam “Dream Team.” They were able to start this program right before the global pandemic hit, and apparently surprised a number of Messi fans with visual impairments with their own MyEye devices.

OrCam Teams up with Lionel Messi to Bring New Technologies to Help the Visually Impaired

This is one of those devices that really showcases how technology can change the world. Being able to check your email from anywhere is a nice luxury, but this can literally alter someone’s life for the better, and it’s very cool to see a huge soccer star get involved with promoting it!

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