simplehuman’s Social Distancing Campaign Tells You Exactly How Much Space You Need

2020 would have been an interesting enough year on its own, but the global pandemic has made it into something most of us have never been alive to experience before. Everywhere you look, there are signs telling you to wear a mask or to keep your distance to help stop the spread of COVID-19; simplehuman is going the extra mile by amplifying the importance of physical distancing with their Making Space collection. 

simplehuman’s limited-edition collection is taking center stage as their first venture into apparel; their T-shirt and tote bag line remind you and others of exactly how far you need to be from others who don’t live in your home.

Dubbed the “Making Space” collection, the apparel makes it crystal clear the person wearing them wants some room in all directions with a huge “6” with two arrows in opposite direction, signifying that you would like people near you to step back and practice social distancing. 

A shirt that is perfect for the times we find ourselves living in, I’ve worn mine quite a few times already to grocery shop, and on walks outside. I feel like even with my mask on, it’s gotten the point across without being rude to other passers-by. Sharing the same 6′ design as the t-shirts, the tote bag also makes a statement. My wife and newborn put it to good use at the beach as a silent reminder to others in the area.

If you weren’t aware, simplehuman has also donated more than 1500 sensor soap pumps and packets of soap to frontline workers to allow them to safely wash their hands and lessen the spread of the Coronavirus by allowing them to wave their hands under the sensor without touching a surface. I used this Sensor Pump myself, and it’s been a lifesaver over the past six months. 

Available exclusively via simplehuman’s website starting Monday, 8/17, the limited-edition collection of tote bags ($60) and t-shirts ($40) will be available while supplies last, and all profits from the collection’s first month of sales will be donated to the All Clear Foundation, a national organization supporting first responders.


For more information, you can head over to simplehuman’s site.

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