Chicco is Making Sure Your Child’s Safety Always Comes First

National Child Passenger Safety Week kicks off Monday, September 21st, and one of or favorite child brands, Chicco, is at the forefront of the mission to bring awareness to the epidemic — even through this new pandemic.

At a time in the world where a parent might have a million things going on to keep them up at night, one thing that should never be in question is car seat safety. When traveling with your child, you want to make sure that not only are they secure, but that you, as their parent, are well-informed to all of the changes going on with car seats and how it pertains to your child. Car crashes are a leading factor in the death of children, which has led to boards such as the NSC (National Child Passenger Safety Board) overseeing quality and proper management for a host of brands. Certified child passenger safety techs, including those at Chicco, work together to ensure the way you transport your child is certified and safe. This Monday, Chicco is hosting a FREE live stream on Facebook to address all of the tips and tricks to child passenger safety.

Chicco is Making Sure Your Child’s Safety Always Comes First

Dubbed the Chicco “Log-On for Car Safety” Livestream, the stream will be hosted on Facebook this year due to COVID. Including certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians from Chicco and the Car Seat Blog, attendees will hear about everything from car seat installation for toddlers, up to big kid transitions. As a new parent, I’m planning on attending, and I strongly encourage our readers who are parents to join in. All are encouraged to ask questions in the comments. As a bonus, Chicco will be giving away TWO Chicco car seats during the event! Here are some things Chicco plans on addressing: 

  • A combination of factors determines when a child should transition. It’s not age, but weight, height, and maturity that determines when a child should transition from a car seat to using the vehicle’s seat belt. These three factors really go hand-in-hand in helping to ensure proper car seat use. When choosing a seat, look for one that provides all three attributes.
  • Take advantage of all available resources. The car seat manual not only offers step-by-step instructions to help with installation but also provides guidance on important features and attributes of the seat. With the Chicco Fit4, parents can scan the QR code on the side of the car seat or visit for quick and easy instructional videos, as well as an online PDF of the car seat manual.
  • Maximize your car seat. A car seat is an investment, and there’s no reason to be shy about getting the most out of it. In the survey conducted by Chicco, most parents (61%) incorrectly said that it’s time to transition a child to a booster seat with a seat belt when the child meets the minimum size requirements of the booster. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child use a forward-facing car seat with a harness for as long as possible, until they reach the height or weight limits.

On Monday, September 21st at 12:30 p.m. EST, it is available for all to view by visiting Chicco USA’s Facebook page, or simply clicking this link to join.

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