Neverwinter Nights Released for iPad, and Civilization VI lands on Android!

A few weeks ago, I was excited by the announcement of another large update/patch for Neverwinter Nights on Android, and now PC game fans who use either iOS or Android can celebrate the release of two major games! Neverwinter Nights is out for iOS devices, and Civilization VI is available for Android after releasing for iOS back in late 2017. I have played both of these new releases and highly recommend them!

Neverwinter Nights Released for iPad, and Civilization VI lands on Android!

Neverwinter Nights is the classic 2002 PC role-playing game that got an ‘Enhanced Edition’ from Beamdog a few years ago that updated the game for modern computers and has slowly enhanced nearly every subsystem from the interface to graphics to combat and camera controls. In late 2018 Beamdog ported a ‘beta’ version of the game to Android, and it has been very stable for the last year. Patches arriving for the PC version have quickly been ported to Android, and the new iOS version arrives fully up to date.

Here is the description:

Neverwinter Nights is a classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG— enhanced for iOS! Explore 100+ hours of gameplay including the original campaign, plus six free DLC adventures. Play solo or team up with friends for a grand adventure across the Forgotten Realms.

Optimized for iPads
Recommended for iPhones with screen sizes of 7 inches or larger

Neverwinter Nights (Classic Campaign)
Shadows of Undrentide (Free Official Expansion)
Hordes of the Underdark (Second Official Expansion)
Kingmaker (Free DLC)
ShadowGuard (Free DLC)
Witch’s Wake (Free DLC)
Adventure Pack (Free DLC)

Head to the App Store and grab Neverwinter Nights for $9.99!

Civilization VI is the newest iteration of a classic turn-based strategy series first released nearly 30 years ago! This version was initially released for macOS and Windows in late 2016, followed by ports to Linux, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and finally, now for Android!

Develop a civilization from an early settlement, grow your empire, conquer the world, and improve your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. That is what this fantastic strategy game is all about.

Civilization VI is an advanced empire building game for Android that simulates raising an empire from the beginning of time. Play as the leader of your empire and manage your resources to build new structures, empower your army to attack and defend, grow your territory, and make your citizens satisfied and happy.

Your choices and decisions have effects on the entire world ecosystem. You can choose whether to conquer the world through military dominations or cultural influence.

If you are into empire-building apps and looking for an advanced strategy game to improve your strategic thinking skills, you have come to the right place.

Civilization VI main features at a glance:
– Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
– High-quality graphics with smooth animations
– Exciting strategy game to build an empire and conquer the world
– Empire building game suitable for amateurs and professional gamers
– Create buildings and upgrade structures
– Manage your resources and improve strategic thinking skills
– Make wise choices and change the future of the planet

Head to the Google Play Store and grab Civilization VI as a free trial (you can unlock the full version for $19.99)!

I have gushed about each of these games in the past here on GearDiary – I have played each on multiple platforms and was happy to settle down to play again when they were released here. Neverwinter Nights on my iPad features all the graphical updates and smooth gameplay of the current PC release, and the touchscreen performance is excellent. Civilization VI always concerns me due to performance concerns (the Switch version definitely pushed the platform capabilities), but on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, it played every bit as well as on my iPad.

One significant caveat for both of these games is that all of the gameplay depth and graphics come at a price – battery life. Particularly on my Galaxy Tab S6, I found that Civilization VI chewed through the battery in just a few hours of play. Anyone who has gamed on a laptop will be used to this, but it is something to keep in mind.

Aside from battery life, I simply cannot recommend these two games highly enough – on either iOS or Android (or PC or Mac, of course). They are absolute classics of the RPG and Strategy genres, and something every gamer should check out!

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