Asus Slaps a Secondary Screen in the ZenBook to Double Your Productivity!

The arms race on laptops these days is all about screens. Big ones, high definition ones, small bezels, touchscreens, and even bonus screens. Asus took a look at a 15in touchscreen with an 88% screen to body ratio and thought, “Needs more screen,” so they swapped out the touchpad for…another screen on the Asus ZenBook Pro 15 UX535LI.

This might seem weird at first because who looks at a touchpad and thinks there’s an opportunity there? But then I thought back on how I’ve been using my own computer since I started working from home, and I realized there’s a good chunk of time where I have information up on my phone that relates to what I’m doing on the computer. So Asus grasped a concept that many might not have realized they needed!

Asus Slaps a Secondary Screen in the ZenBook to Double Your Productivity!

In addition to a secondary screen as a touchscreen, you’ve also got a 10th gen Intel Processor, up to 16GB of RAM, plus USB Type-C, Windows Hello, and a 4K UHD 15in touchscreen. Look for it at Asus’s website, starting at $1,499.99.

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