Shure Introduces the MV7, Their Most Versatile Microphone Yet

Whether you’re a streamer on Twitch or starting up a podcast on Anchor, you’re going to need a great microphone. The Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone was made to take recording and streaming to the next level; it’s their first Hybrid XLR/USB Microphone.

Shure Introduces the MV7, Their Most Versatile Microphone Yet

Available today, the Shure’s MV7 Podcast Microphone is a professional-level solution for podcasters, gamers, vocalists, or anyone who wants to get their words out to the world to use. Designed to be easy for entry-level users and yet familiar to experienced creators, the MV7’s intuitive design is user friendly and simplistic enough to be plug and play.

The company writes:

“This year, we’ve witnessed a significant uptick in the demand for tools and accessories that support live streaming and podcasting – especially as many continue to broadcast their talents from home,” said Soren Pedersen, Associate Manager, Global Product Management, at Shure. “Regardless of the application, creators understand the importance of clear and intelligible audio. We’ve designed the MV7 to be laser focused on the user’s voice, so the audience always gets a clear and rich reproduction no matter the type of room they record in, so their audiences can focus on the content.”

Shure Introduces the MV7, Their Most Versatile Microphone Yet

I’ve been playing around with the MV7 for the past few days with my own podcast, and one of the biggest features I believe all users will enjoy is Shure’s built-in Voice Isolation technology. Its ability to automatically isolate your voice with its Auto Level Mode can take a room that hasnt been sound treated and make it feel like you’re sitting in a studio.

This works thanks to the microphone’s pick-up pattern bringing vocals to the front by setting the gain perfectly in real-time, so the output levels stay consistent. As a result, you can focus on the content you’re creating, not on your perfect mic setup.

Shure Introduces the MV7, Their Most Versatile Microphone Yet

This also means less time spent editing post-recording, which is always a good thing as that’s the one part of podcasting that I hate the most.  The Auto Level Mode is like a virtual audio engineer, and it makes post-recording chores so much easier.

Another thing I like about MV7 is its integrated touch panel. When recording with the MV7, the touch panel can be customized to allow you to adjust the gain, headphone volume, monitor mix, and even mute/unmute your mic. This makes it handier than fiddling with your computer attempting to find your settings while recording.

Since this is an XLR/USB device, this means that it can connect to your computer as well as your iPhone or iPad. When using the Shure MOTIV App for desktop or for your iOS devices, the MV7 delivers the ability to select your tone between three settings: Dark, Natural, or Bright. This can give you a Broadcast feel similar to NPR, or a deep “radio” like voice. On top of that, you can sit up close to the mic or sit a few inches away by toggling between “Near” or “Far” modes.

Shure Introduces the MV7, Their Most Versatile Microphone Yet

This is a universal device, which means even if you have an existing setup with a mixing board, interface, or professional audio equipment, the MV7 is ready to go to work.

Shure Introduces the MV7, Their Most Versatile Microphone Yet

At $249, it’s more affordable than the SM7B that you’ve seen some of your favorite podcasters like Joe Rogan use, and it comes with the option for an add-on desktop mic stand, a folding tripod stand, or a boom arm. Available in Black or Silver, you can get your own Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone by visiting this link today.

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