Incipio Grip Slim Case Will Keep your New Pixel 5 Protected

The new Google Pixel 5 is here, which means you’re going to need to get a great case for it. The Incipio Grip for the Pixel 5 offers just what you need — display face-down protection, antimicrobial defense, and drop protection; it is scratch-resistant, wireless charging compatible, and yes, it is 5G compatible.

Does a case need to be 5G compatible? Is that even a thing? Evidently so. As Sascha Segan noted in his PC Mag article, “5G can work on any frequency. In low and mid bands, it works pretty much like 4G. But millimeter-wave 5G, the very high-frequency waves used primarily by Verizon, is different. Millimeter-wave (mmWave) is fragile enough that it gets blocked by bodies, walls, clothing, and, apparently, phone cases.” So yes, making sure that you select a 5G compatible case is going to be very important if you live in a 5G serviced area and want to make sure that you are getting the full benefit of the speeds you’re supposed to be receiving, which brings us to the Incipio Grip for the  Google Pixel 5.

The Grip has heavily textured sides, so your phone won’t slip out of your hand and fall. If you still manage to drop your phone, the case is tested to give up to 14′ drop protection. The Grip is a slim, hard case, and because it has a smooth surface, it can easily be wiped down for cleaning (which is very important these days). It also offers antimicrobial defense, which Incipio says helps reduce 99.99% of the growth of common surface bacterias that can end up on your phone’s case. That should give you a little peace of mind, but it’s still a good idea to wipe your case down with antiseptic or stick it in a UV sanitizer when you get the chance.

The Incipio Grip has a nice raised lip that protrudes all around the Pixel 5’s display but is slightly more raised on the case’s corners. This will offer face-down protection, but it will also help protect your display in the event of a drop.

The case appears to be a fusion of two materials, the hard, smooth blue case back and the slightly softer grippy gray or blue material that covers the ends, buttons, and it makes up the multi-directional raised texture on the sides.

The lighter color is as bad as that whole Dress controversy from 2015. Sometimes it looks and photographs like a light blue, but sometimes it also looks and photographs like light gray. I don’t even know what’s going on … 😀

Anyway! The softer material covers the buttons fully; it’s stiff, but the buttons are still quite easy to press.

The little Y-shaped grips add a nice 3D effect to the case, though … whatever color it is.

The cutouts are perfectly aligned for the microphones, speaker, and Type-C port.

Here’s the back of the case; this is definitely midnight blue! There’s also a black on black version available that doesn’t create any weird color optical illusions. 😉

Notice how there are feet at each of the corners. The well around the fingerprint reader and the camera array is a millimeter or so deep, but the little feet on the edges offer extra protection for the camera lenses.

The case is good-looking and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the Pixel 5; it’s also scratch-resistant, it isn’t supposed to discolor with use, and there are no issues when using it while wirelessly charging. But most importantly, it’s 5G compatible, so if you live in an area with that service, you won’t have to worry that anything is being blocked. If you haven’t already picked up a good case for your Pixel 5, you should definitely consider getting one.

The Incipio Grip case for the Google Pixel 5 sells for $39.95; it is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers, including Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: 14′ drop protection; Raised edges for face-down protection; Antimicrobial protection helps reduce the growth of surface bacteria; Grippy sides help you keep a firm handle on the case; 5G compatible

What Needs Improvement: I can’t tell if the case’s contrasting color is light blue or gray, and I have put way too much thought into trying to figure it out! 😉

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