SKYWORTH Announces Five New Series of Smart TVs

Every CES, I learn about new technology and new brands and am always amazed that I never checked them out. One of those brands is SKYWORTH. The Chinese brand has been making products since 1988, and they have just announced their upcoming TVs.

SKYWORTH Announces Five New Series of TVs

Being the first manufacturer of OLED basic modules, SKYWORTH wants to expand its technology with five upcoming TV series: the TC6200, UC6200, UC7500, UC8500, and XC9300. Offering up a stunning design and viewing experience powered by Android TV OS, users not only are experiencing over 700k movies and shows from varying streaming services, but you can also use Google to control connected smart devices like lights if you wanted to set the mood before watching your favorite flick.

SKYWORTH Announces Five New Series of TVs

But the design of all of the TVs is what actually caught my eye. The UC6200 features an ultra-slim half-inch bezel for a minimalist and practical design. While the UC7500, UC8500, and XC9300 feature the new bezel-less Boundless Vision design and slim depth screen that creates an edge-to-edge, virtually floating image that seamlessly blends into the wall.

SKYWORTH’s partnership with LG for their panel technology allows their TVs to have an image with high contrast and clarity. All TVs support both Dolby Vision ultra-vivid picture and Dolby Atmos immersive audio, Far Field, and more. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on one!


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