InstruMMents’ 01: The World’s First Dimensioning Instrument

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InstruMMents' 01: The World’s First Dimensioning Instrument Listen to this article

I’m terrible at estimating distances and dimensions, which is why I have to keep a measuring tape nearby when doing any reviews. InstruMMents, a company founded by the creators of Misfit Shine, is introducing 01 this morning; it is the world’s first dimensioning instrument. 01 captures, logs, and shares dimensions when it is rolled over straight or contoured objects.


Elegantly carved in aluminum, 01 is contained within a pen, pencil, or stylus, and wirelessly connects to smartphones.


With only one hand, you can use the 01 to measures distances, design buildings, hang pictures, or fit clothing; “it helps makers and weekend decorators intuitively capture linear or contoured lengths. No charging required; batteries last up to six months.”

You write with pencil, stylus, or pen from one end and capture dimensions with the fatter black end of the 01.


You can also “log, search, and share dimensions using the InstruMMents iOS and Android apps.”


Other features include:

•  Unit Selection: dynamically convert between metric and imperial.

•  Scale: dimension drawings or maps in any scale.

• Quick W-H-D: captures width, height, and depth automatically, making dimensioning boxes fast.

• Blink Interval: Set up grids, hang things equally apart or gauge rough dimensions without your phone.


InstruMMents is an innovation company founded by the creators of Misfit Shine; the 01 is available now at InstruMMents for $149 (it will open their Indiegogo campaign), and from select retail locations worldwide starting December 1. You can get your 01 personalized with a signature, and the first 20,000 orders will include a Saffiano sleeve; if you are purchase number 20,001 or later, you can buy a sleeve starting at $29 along with ink, lead and battery refills. This looks like the perfect solution for me!


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