Kew Labs UTS-1 Is the World’s First Invisible Wireless Charger

CES is typically the one time of year where there’s a little something for everyone, including things you never even knew you needed. Before today I never knew I needed an invisible, wireless smartphone charger, but now I’ve seen the Kew Labs UTS-1.

Kew Labs UTS-1

Kew Labs says they are the makers of the world’s first invisible wireless smartphone charger, using patented technology that promises to provide optimal wireless charging solutions. As someone who’s learning to adapt to MagSafe and has never truly embraced wireless charging, Kew Labs UTS-1 is an interesting take on “wireless charging” devices.

The Kew Labs UTS-1 is a versatile long-distance wireless charger that offers charging through thicker surfaces. Say you have a standing desk or a nightstand that is roughly an inch thick; the UTS-1 would be placed underneath that surface, and it will charge your devices without changing the physical look of the surface it’s placed under. The only thing you have to do is remember exactly where the UTS-1 is located under the surface in order to lay your device down for charging in the correct area.

Kew Labs UTS-1

The UTS-1 also has an auto-shutoff feature that knows when your device is fully charged; it will shut itself down to preserve battery health to your device. With functions like foreign object protection, overcharge protection, and temperature-controlled shut-off functionality, this seems a GREAT accessory to declutter your desk, nightstand, or any other surface you might want to also use as a hidden charging pad.

The Kew Labs UTS-1 sells for $104.99, and it is available now.

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