Fluo Labs Flo Can Tame Seasonal Allergies without Drugs? Yes, Please!

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Fluo Labs Flo Can Tame Seasonal Allergies without Drugs? Yes, Please! Listen to this article

Like many people, I suffer from seasonal allergies. Apparently, I’m allergic to trees, which is unfortunate since they’re everywhere and kind of key to a healthy ecosystem. Luckily, companies are working on alternatives to popping copious amounts of Zyrtec. Fluo Labs Flo has a particularly intriguing concept, where they use handheld light therapy to reduce nasal inflammation caused by Allergic Rhinitis.

Fluo Labs Flo

It sounds impossible, but the Flo works through a concept called photobiomodulation, or the idea that light at a specific spectrum can reduce inflammation. I know that it still sounds crazy, but there’s legitimate science behind it, and you can read up a bit more on their website as well as through independent sources like this study from the NIH.

Fluo Labs Flo works by beaming safe red and NIR (Near Infrared) light into your nose, and from the pictures, it looks just like any normal nasal spray dispenser — like if Flonase and a flashlight had a baby.

Fluo Labs Flo

According to Fluo Labs, 10 seconds in each nostril 1-2 times a day can reduce allergy-related inflammation. They say their first clinical trial yielded a 31% improvement for allergy sufferers. If you’ve looked ahead at a weather report and immediately checked your allergy meds stash, you’ll appreciate how much a 31% improvement is!

For consumers who are seeking non-drug solutions, there has been no single natural remedy that can do the job of providing efficient symptom relief in a convenient treatment – until now. Flo will provide welcome relief to the millions of allergy sufferers around the world, especially for those who don’t want to or cannot take medication due to contraindications, pregnancy, heart or thyroid conditions and job restrictions. – ” Jan Enemaerke, Fluo Labs’ Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Fluo Labs Flo is projected to come in under $100, and it will be coming in late 2021; you can sign up for their waitlist here. The idea of a drug-free allergy solution is pretty exciting, so we’ll be watching Flo closely!

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