MediaTek M80 5G Modem Brings mmWave 5G Support for Even Speedier Browsing!

5G is, if not yet everywhere, in a lot more places than it used to be. While it seems to be the biggest in cities, the suburbs and the rest of the world will eventually get that sweet, sweet speedy internet on the go. You may not be paying attention to how you’re getting that 5G, but under the hood of all your devices are new chips and modems to handle all that internet, and they’re making sure you’re getting the most out of your connectivity with their new MediaTek M80 5G modem.

MediaTek M80 5G Modem

Admit it, you probably haven’t thought much about the modem in your devices once you stopped hearing the screech-beep of AOL, but your phone, computer, tablet, and anything connecting to 5G have them too. The new MediaTek M80 5G modem handles both mmWave and sub-6 GHz 5G on a single chip, which might sound like word salad but actually means the chips can access very short but fast bandwidths.

Basically, if 5G is a highway, the ability to use mmWave means modems like the M80 can hop into a less crowded, speedier lane on the fly. It’s going to give you that extra little boost of speed, so if you’re cheating at trivia night and trying to google faster than your friends, the M80 is on your side (but don’t cheat at trivia night, that’s just not cool.)

In addition to speedy 5G, the M80 supports dual 5G SIM, as well as Dual Voice over New Radio and support for NSA and SA networks (which stand for non-standalone and standalone, so it has nothing to do with any 3-letter government organizations spying on you). The M80 also features UltraSave technologies, so you won’t have a battery life of an hour and a half while using 5G.

You may not pay much attention to what’s powering your phone, but it’s likely that the MediaTek M80 will be an MVP of new 5G smartphones, hotspots, tablets, and computers in 2021!

Via MediaTek

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