Jays T-Seven True Wireless Review: True Wireless Earbuds Packed with Tech for a Reasonable Price


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The Lowdown

To get earbuds that sound as decent as the Jays t-Seven True Wireless do, with wireless charging and ANC for under $150 is impressive. And while some may lament the lack of a companion app, it makes setup and use a bit easier. For many, that is likely a selling point.



  • Good battery life
  • Battery case charges wirelessly
  • Onboard ANC and HearThrough
  • Simple setup and controls
  • Decent sound that will make most people quite happy


  • No app means simplified use but less control and customization
  • ANC cuts down on ambient sound but is not as effective as some ANC earbuds I’ve tried

True wireless earbuds have gotten dramatically better since they made their first appearance a few years ago. New models offer improved connectivity, increased battery life, and better sound. Many even offer active noise cancellation and battery cases that are Qi-wireless charging enabled. The new Jays t-Seven True Wireless earbuds offer all of these advances at an accessible price.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

The Jays t-Seven True Wireless earbuds come in a small, unassuming box. The presentation is nice, although there is nothing overly fancy here.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

Inside the box, you will find the t-Seven True Wireless earbuds, a Qi-wireless enabled battery case, a USB to USB-C cable, three pair of ear tips, and a user manual.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

The battery case has a USB-C port on the back but, thanks to the inclusion of Qi-wireless charging, you will never need to plug a cable in.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

The Jays t-Seven True Wireless earbuds’ design will immediately be familiar to anyone who has used or even seen Apple’s AirPods. The battery and electronics are housed in a somewhat bulbous part of the earbuds while there is a short “tail” extending from them, bringing the microphone a bit closer to the mouth of the person wearing them.

Like the AirPods Pro, the t-Seven TWE takes the traditional approach of offering several different soft rubber ear tips to improve the overall fit, comfort, and seal. I’m not a huge fan of this approach as I am constantly concerned the earbuds will fall out. Fortunately, once I determined the right size tip for each of my ears (yes, some people do use a different size tip in each ear), I could get a decent fit, and they have felt quite secure.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

The earphones weigh 6g each, while the case weighs a reasonable 45g. When fully charged, the earphones deliver up to 5 hours of playback. When placed back into the charging case they take just an hour and a half to recharge fully. The battery case can recharge the earphones three times for a total runtime of up to twenty hours.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

Inside the earbuds is Bluetooth 5.0 for a range of about 33 feet and 6mm dynamic drivers. For those interested in numbers:

  • Driver impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Driver sensitivity: 101 dB
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20 000 Kz
  • Microphones: Dual superior microphones

The Jays t-Seven True Wireless earbuds do not have a companion app. That might be a bummer for those who like the customization that comes with earphones that ship with a companion app, but it simplifies the process of using the earbuds.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

The touch controls embedded into the Jays True Wireless earbuds let users manage calls and audio playback. And yes, depending on the phone or tablet you are using, you can use the controls to activate wither Siri or Google Assistant. The controls aren’t customizable as we have seen on other TWE, but they get the job done and don’t require and learning curve.

I was impressed that true wireless earbuds with an MSRP of under $150 would ship with a Qi-wireless enabled battery case. What surprised me, even more, was the inclusion of active noise cancelation. The company claims it reduces sound by up to 25db. The earbuds also include a HearThrough mode that allows the wearer to hear noise and conversations taking place around them without removing the earbuds. It is an important feature when it comes to convenience as well as safety. I’m a huge fan of this feature, and I am increasingly unimpressed by any earbuds that have ANC but don’t include this feature.

The ANC helps block some sound but, compared to many of the other headphones with ANC, they aren’t quite as effective in creating a truly silent environment. And because there is no accompanying app, there is only one degree of ANC available. It is either on or off. The company notes that the effectiveness of the ANC depends on having a good seal. That means making sure you are using the right size ear tip becomes more important than ever.

I find it interesting that, despite the ANC not being as effective as some earbuds I’ve tried, the audio quality is better when the ANC is turned on than when it is not.

But while the ANC is a bit disappointing, the HearThrough functionality is quite impressive. When turned on, users can continue to enjoy their music while also remaining aware of what is happening around them.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless


  • EMBEDDED WITH YOU: Whatever may occur, the t-Seven True Wireless is engineered with the latest technology to stay embedded with you and cater to all needs throughout the day. When something unexpected happens, the auto ear detection stops all playback automatically when the earphones are removed from the ears. Intuitive touch controls embedded on both earpieces enables managing calls and playback with ease.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING: Experience a more captivating sound level. The active noise canceling eliminates up to 25dB of background noise to keep audio crystal clear and focused on what is important right now. HearThrough mode allows checking in on the surroundings and engaging in conversations without ever removing the earphones from the ears. (Please note. ANC is highly dependent on the buds fit to your ear; please choose the size of ear-tip carefully)
  • ALL DAY, EVERY DAY: Optimized for all-day use. Power through playlists, podcasts, and calls with up to 5 hours of battery in a single charge. To get a quick power-up, pop the earphones in the pocket-sized charging case. To charge the case, simply place it on a wireless charger. Within a few moments, the case will be power up and ready to go. Wherever you may be en route or located, the dual microphones ensure crystal clear phone calls and voice transmission.

I’ve been fairly impressed with the Jays t-Seven True Wireless. They get decent battery life, can be charged wirelessly, have ANC and HearThrough. I’ve reviewed true wireless earbuds that deliver more effective ANC and others that more closely approach something one might consider an audiophile-grade earbud.

But to get earbuds that sound as decent as these, with wireless charging and ANC for under $150, is impressive. And while some may lament the lack of a companion app, it makes setup and use a bit easier. For many, that is likely a selling point.

Jays T-Seven True Wireless

The Jays t-Seven True Wireless is a good product. They have most of the features you’ll find on earbuds that cost far more, and they sound quite good. I’ve read reports from people who say they have experienced some connectivity issues where one earbud disconnects for a second or two, but I haven’t encountered that issue. I’m impressed and appreciate the growing selection of true wireless earbuds from which we can choose.

The Jays t-Seven True Wireless Earbuds sell for $149.99; they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Good battery life; Battery case charges wirelessly; Onboard ANC and HearThrough; Simple setup and controls; Decent sound that will make most people quite happy

What Needs Improvement: No app means simplified use but less control and customization; ANC cuts down on ambient sound but is not as effective as some ANC earbuds I’ve tried

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