Lenovo Dives into the Education Market with New Chromebooks, Windows Laptops, Monitors, and More!

We don’t know what next year will bring when it comes to education and the pandemic. What we do know is that the trend of needing computers at just about every education level is definitely accelerating rapidly.

Never one to miss a trend, Lenovo is prepared to dive into the education market with both Chrome OS and Windows laptops that can handle whatever the world is ready to throw at them (or, in the case of younger children, handle wherever it gets thrown). [Please don’t throw any computers.]

Lenovo tries to keep its naming conventions consistent, which’s true for this latest laptop batch. Anything with an “e” on the end is a Chromebook, while anything with a “w” runs Windows.

It’s simple, but that makes it super easy to know at a glance which variant is which, and since most schools divide into “Windows” or “Chrome,” it makes it even easier to know what hardware/software combo is needed.

Lenovo 100e and 100w

Lenovo 100e

Lenovo 100e

Lenovo 100e uses an AMD processor, while Lenovo 100w is the Windows cousin with an AMD 3015e processor with Windows 10. Both offer MIL-SPEC-810H and Lenovo education standards for toughness, with reinforced ports, spill resistance, and mechanically anchored keys, so even the toughest essay section won’t break these down.

Also, there are rubber bumpers, up to 10hrs of battery life, and enough ports to dock it anywhere. The Lenovo 100 series sports an 11.6″ screen and has a camera shutter, so parents don’t have to be concerned about kids’ privacy while doing their homework in relative peace.

The Lenovo 100e starts at $299 in May, while the 100w comes in starting at $299 in June.

Lenovo 300e and 500e

Lenovo Chromebook 500e

Lenovo 500e

Lenovo 300e and 500e are both convertible laptops with 360-degree hinges, Gorilla Glass screens, and the same impact bumpers and anchored keys, so they’ll survive anything, even an especially tough math lesson. The 500e sports an Intel Celeron processor and up t0 8GB of RAM, while the 300e has an AMD for Chromebooks processor and up to 4GB of RAM.

The 300w and 500w both offer the same ruggedness along with an AMD 3015e processor and Windows 10. All of them have 11.6″ touchscreens, privacy shutters for the cameras, and they clock in at a svelte 2.9pounds.

The Lenovo 300e and 300w both start at $359 this May, while the 500e will start at $429 in May, and the 500w will start at $429 this June.

Lenovo 14e and 14w

Lenovo 14w

Lenovo 14w

The Lenovo 14e is also available for those who seek a bigger screen, while the Windows cousin is the Lenovo 14w. Coming in with a 14″ screen available in both touch and non-touch variations, the 14e sports an AMD for Chromebook processor while the 14w picks up an AMD 3015e, and, again, similar ruggedization to the 100/300/500e series.

It is not a 360-degree hinge, but with the Lenovo 14e, you are getting a bigger screen, which can certainly help for more visual assignments. You won’t even trade-off much in terms of weight, as the 14e only has a modest increase to 3.2 pounds — which is still lighter than some textbooks!

Both the Lenovo 14e and 14w will start at $334 this May.

Lenovo ThinkVision T24t Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision T24t Monitor

The Lenovo ThinkVision T24t monitor brings education technology to the classroom differently, offering a touchscreen monitor experience on a whopping 28.8″ screen. It can be mounted, tilted, and otherwise positioned in various ways to make it easy to configure and utilize, plus it has USB-C and other ports to make compatibility and cable management as smooth as possible.

Look for the Lenovo ThinkVision T24t in the second quarter of this year, starting at $439.

Education Optimized Accessories

Targus cases

Targus cases will also be available for the 100e/100w and the 300e/500e/300w/500w starting at $19.99.

Lenovo also will have a series of education-optimized accessories, like cases for these laptops, a USB headset, an FHD webcam, a USB mouse, and even education-focused VR solutions. Effectively, Lenovo is looking to take the same holistic “hardware plus amazing support software” approach they take with business and apply it to the education market.

We don’t know quite what school will look like next year or in the future, but we can be sure Lenovo is ready to meet education market needs with an array of innovations and ideas!

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