Master & Dynamic MW08 Earphones: A True Wireless Leap Forward in Sound and Design

Master & Dynamic is no stranger to truly wireless earphones, with their MW07 already one of my favorite in-ear headphones to not only go walking with but for use when working from home. So with the bar already set high for me, how can the new Master & Dynamic MW08 earphones surpass their predecessors?

The Master & Dynamic MW08 earphones represent a leap in sound and design for the company. For the average listener, they bring a host of elements to the audio experience you might not otherwise consider. Complete with 11mm Beryllium drivers and hybrid Active-noise cancellation, regardless of whether you listen to hours of music or podcasts, end up taking FaceTime calls, or even joining your favorite groups on Clubhouse — The Master & Dynamic MW08 earphones are built  “Masterfully.” From the iconic D-shape design that sits flush in your ear being updated to Ceramic, the MW08 now features stainless steel, an external aluminum antenna, Bluetooth 5.2, and a new proprietary 6-microphone system. 

“Our MW08 True Wireless Earphones continue our obsession with design, materials and technical sophistication. We were able to integrate significant improvements in this product, including 11mm custom drivers and six microphones, while reducing the overall size of both the earphones and case. The combination of ceramic, stainless steel and anodized aluminum provide a sleek yet tactile form factor, packing a punch both visually and acoustically,” says Founder and CEO Jonathan Levine.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earphones

What truly interests me the most is this new ceramic that Master & Dynamic says is ultra-durable. I’ve had ceramic Apple Watches before and enjoyed the lightweight but durable look and feel, so to have earbuds that can offer the same means plenty.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earphones

The company states that they chose this material for its feel and resistance to cracking and scratching. So if you are someone who tends to lay your buds down when they aren’t in use (instead of putting them back in the case — I’m guilty as well), these may be for you. But just looking at that unique stainless steel case, you’ll always want to have it on your person. 

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earphones

Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC, aptX, and SBC means connectivity to your devices will be even stronger than before; regardless of whether you’re walking from the next room or outside for a stroll, your connection shouldn’t dampen because of the proximity from your device. Master & Dynamic says that the six microphones have built-in wind reduction and proprietary noise, so even on a windy day, your calls will be clear. 

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earphones

Notably, the Master & Dynamic MW08 earphones have improved battery life with 10 hours of playtime with three additional case charges, totaling 40 hours. I love how earbuds are progressively increasing battery life without changing the outer aesthetics, especially after enjoying the MW07’s as much as I do. And now paired with the new M&D Connect app for iOS and Android, you can personalize your listening experience, download the latest firmware, and even more. 

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earphones

Master & Dynamic’s MW08 Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones will sell for $299. They will be available in Black Ceramic with Matte Black Stainless Steel, White Ceramic with Stainless Steel, Brown Ceramic with Stainless Steel, and Blue Ceramic with Graphite Grey Stainless Steel starting March 30th. In the meantime, you can sign up for more information on their site.

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