Master & Dynamic May Have Partnered with Louis Vuitton, but the MW07’s Are Great As Is

The biggest news over the past week after CES 2019 was that Louis Vuitton launched a collection of unique wireless headphones. But despite the ridiculous price tag, you can get the same great in-ear wireless headphones for less with Master & Dynamic MW07’s.

What a lot of articles online fail to tell you is that even though Louis Vuitton is co-creating their first ever headphones, it’s actually in partnership with Master & Dynamic since they actually make the headphones. I’ve had my hands on a pair of the MW07s for the past month, testing them every day, and I was quite disappointed to see that Louis Vuitton’s name alone would raise the price on some of the best luxury headphones on the market.

Typically the Master & Dynamic headphones will set you back $299, which is already almost twice the price of Apple’s own AirPods, but for good reason: They sound incredible, the quality build is leaps and bounds better than ALL of the competition (you heard it here first), and more importantly, you get what you pay for. Audio fidelity is certainly a thing with the MW07’s, giving you a truly submersive sound when listening to anything, from phone calls, music, you name it. I’m so sold on them, I’ll go to lengths of saying they will be in the top five truly wireless headphones in 2019… in January.

That may sound like I’m giving the brand a bit more credit than they deserve, but let’s take a few things into account here: Not only is the brand FOCUSED on audio over all other things, Master & Dynamic is proven to make quality products from the ground up. Every single product from headphones, over the ear headphones, in-ear headphones, you name it.. all are structured to give you the quality you’d expect from the price you’d get. Now you might get a few stares from people in the gym if you pull out the stainless steel case on the treadmill, and that person beside you with the AirPods might stare a bit to recognize the brand, but trust me, they are worth every penny. I’ve used the MW07’s in the gym, in the house cleaning, in the car (one ear) while driving, and even at work to block out annoying coworkers, and they work perfectly.

Master & Dynamic May Have Partnered with Louis Vuitton, but the MW07’s Are Great As Is

But what doesn’t work for me? The outrageous Louis Vuitton branding pricing. Essentially the same headphones with an LV Logo may be a novelty item, but $1000 for essentially the same headphones which already look incredible is just, dare I say… stupid. Sites like The Verge and even Android Authority have condemned Master & Dynamic for this, however, I won’t because I ENJOY the MW07’s as truly wireless headphones. At the same time, I absolutely refuse to tell anyone to purchase headphones you can get for $750 less.

Personal opinion here: the Louis Vuitton branding on the MW07’s makes them look cheap. Take that for what you will.

Now if you want to purchase an excellent set of in-ear headphones, you can visit Master & Dynamic’s site today, but I caution you to purchase the traditional $299 models.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Solid audio quality; Great build

What Needs Improvement: Focus on continuing to make great audio quality, not gimmick partnerships with established brands

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