You Need a Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator, So Your Kitchen Will Be Less Boring

It’s easy to think the world has been in a bit of stasis over the last year. The pandemic really did make everything feel like it just…froze. But we’re moving forward, and the proof the world is changing for the better? You can now order a Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator!

Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator

Sure, your current fridge keeps food cold, but does it match your decor? Does your fridge scream out with proof of your individuality? Do you cringe inside when your friends comment “Oh, I have the same fridge!” No more. Samsung’s BESPOKE Design Studio lets you personalize your refrigeration needs!

Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator

This is the refrigerator version of chaotic neutral.

First, you need to consider the number of doors you want for your new Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator. Do you go with 4 doors, a real flex on the two-door plebes? Do you go with a more modular approach, and design a separate refrigerator and freezer to best differentiate the ice cream from the eggs?

You also get to choose the fridge depth, so you can decide if you want a slightly slimmer appliance that’s flush with the average countertop or one that maximizes footprint and storage space. For fun, we designed a fairly chaotic-looking fridge, one that featured navy glass, navy steel, sky blue, and…pink. It’s definitely A LOOK, but the good news is that if you change your mind, you can actually order different panels and swap things out for a fresh style.

Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator

Samsung is offering a BESPOKE Design for their 4-door Flex Fridge, which includes Samsung’s Flex Zone, a compartment that can be either fridge or freezer depending on storage needs; 4-Door Flex will offer 8 color choices and starts at $3,799.

If you’re looking to get even more individual with a modular approach to your fridge and freezer needs, Samsung is also offering the BESPOKE Design treatment for their Flex Column (starting at $1,299) and Bottom Freezer (starting at $1,799) designs, so you can mix and match the cold food storage setup of your dreams. Or nightmares. It’s all about you!

You can get started designing your own Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator here.

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    I like being able to design my own fridge. I would want 4 doors.

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