This Video Tour of the $500M The One Mega-Mansion Will Blow Your Mind

After watching a video tour of The One mega-mansion, a soon-to-be complete 105,000+ square foot “home” reportedly valued at $500 million located in Bel Air, I was literally blown away by the sheer size and total excess of it all. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to live in a home that could double as a high-end hotel — complete with a full-size nightclub, insane LA views, and enough space to easily host a couple thousand (or more) of your closest friends post-pandemic, you’ll enjoy this insanity.

The One Mega-Mansion

Billed as the “largest house ever built in the urban world,” The One mega-mansion features 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, enormous indoor and outdoor kitchens, so many living and dining areas you’ll lose count, a glass-encased wine cellar, a vintage Playboy cover paneled cigar room, a “bigger than most car showrooms” 50-car garage, 7 water features and swimming pools combined, a four-lane bowling alley, an outdoor jogging track, an enormous state-of-the-art home theater, a huge sky deck complete with putting green, artworks created just for the house sprinkled throughout, a candy room, a hair salon, dry sauna, wet sauna, gym, art galleries, a tennis court, a 3-bedroom guest house with pool, staff rooms with views … the list literally goes on and on.

Oh, and yes — a full-size nightclub complete with a street entrance and VIP seating.

I can’t even imagine how many full-time staff you would need to keep all of it going.

The developer, Nile Niami, says to the video crew led by Michael Blakey, “Wednesday, I logged 16,000 steps just walking around the house, and today we’re going to do more.” I got winded just watching them try to cover it all.

Of course, there’s plenty of tech inside The One mega-mansion, so prepare to be … stunned? Amused? Shocked? Freaked out?

All of the above my friends, all of the above.  Just watch …

I’m not even sure where to start, so I’ll jump ahead to the part where Nile Niami says there will be video cams in the nightclub’s VIP men’s restroom streaming into the VIP women’s restroom as his way to turn everything on its head because “in L.A., a lot of dudes are scumbags” (noted), so he’s using “out of the box thinking” to let women watch as men use the urinals because he’s “thinking like a girl”? Ummm … okay. That’s just gross. I doubt any woman really wants to watch guys peeing while she’s relieving herself, but I digress.

I do love how at the push of a button, the glass walls move back on most of the rooms, and The One mega-mansion becomes largely open air in an area where the weather usually always cooperates. And the views from the sky deck are pretty amazing, not gonna lie; too bad the roof doesn’t have its own swimming pool, as that’s all that’s missing. Ha!

Moving right along with part two of the tour …

The immense master bedroom suite is bigger than most mansions, and it includes its own living room, kitchen, bar, swimming pool, and spa; the “his and her’s” closets are simply insane, and they are probably each as big as my house.

But as everyone is walking through the hallways and dipping into The One mega-mansion’s various rooms, I couldn’t help but think of how unliveable a home this gigantic would ultimately be.

I’d need a map just to find my way around and a hotel-sized staff just to keep it in order. If ten families of squatters decided to move in, youI might never even know. The house is easily the size of a larger hotel … and while I know The One mega-mansion is not fully finished or furnished, parts of it seem almost as impersonal as one. Maybe that would change if people were actually staying there, but I doubt it.

During the final video interview, we learn a little more about what Nile Niami is hoping to do with The One mega-mansion. Is he crazy? A visionary? I have no idea, but he’s created an unforgettable venue to do what he’s got in mind.

Okay, so maybe The One mega-mansion isn’t going to necessarily end up as a family home … but can you imagine if it were? Would you want to live there?

h/t to Gary Bunker for his post on Facebook that sent me down this rabbit hole.

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