Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock: A Stylishly Simple Way to Wake Up When Staying in Bed Isn’t an Option

Back in the day (my day, anyway), everyone had an alarm clock or clock radio by their bedside. My dad’s was so loud it once woke me at 5:30 am one morning, but that’s another story. Now, with everyone having an alarm on their phone, watch, and running shoes for all I know, the call for alarm clocks would seem to be minimal. “Ha!” says Lexon design to us, with the Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock.

Lexon Flip Premium

Lexon already has Flip+ and Flip+ Travel Alarm Clocks — and you should watch this video because they’re kinda cool …

…  and they have upgraded it to feature an aluminum (aluminium if you’re in the UK) finish, an ultra-bright LCD display, and a sound sensor to wake up the screen automatically. This is a good feature if you’re the kind of person (like me), who prefers to turn the brightness all the way down because you prefer your room pitch dark during the night.

To turn on the clock, you just flip it over so the ON side (see the giant letters?) is visible. Turn it off? Well, I’ll leave that as an exercise for the student. The bottom line is, no fumbling around for the durn “off” button on your durn alarm/phone/watch/tennis shoes/whatever.

Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock: A Stylishly Simple Way to Wake Up When Staying in Bed Isn't an Option

The Lexon Flip Premium also has a feature so that when you’re traveling, it locks itself so that the durn thing doesn’t start buzzing in the overhead compartment or the cargo hold, or the trunk of your Uber or whatever, while you’re heading to your destination.

The Lexon Flip Premium comes in four colors right now, with two additional ones being added later.

Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock: A Stylishly Simple Way to Wake Up When Staying in Bed Isn't an Option

The Lexon Flip Premium provides you with 3 months of rechargeable battery life via a USB Type-C and is now available for $49.95. Interested? You can learn more about it and purchase it here.

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