Otterbox’s Latest Accessories Are Durable, Portable and Affordable

Otterbox is known for their premium cases, giving users the ability to protect their smart devices from drops and the elements. But did you know that the popular brand makes accessories that make your day-to-day that much better from beginning to end? The company sent us over a few of their newest products so let’s check them out.

Otterbox's Latest Accessories Are Durable, Portable and Affordable

First up there’s Otterbox’s USB Wall Charger. The high –speed 2.4 AMP charging brick is small enough to not take over an outlet, all the while offering you the ability to charge up your devices quickly before you head out of the door in the morning. There’s room for one USB cable; I was hoping that in the next version we could see a dual-port compatibility, but one will do just fine.

Otterbox's Latest Accessories Are Durable, Portable and Affordable

I carry this USB Wall Charger in my everyday bag because compared to Apple’s, it’s significantly smaller, and surprisingly fits those loose airport ports with ease, so thanks for that Otterbox. But chances are you might need a long cable to charge your device right? And if you’re a traveler, you might need a cable long enough to reach your seat in the airport. The USB Wall Charger will cost you $24.95 and you can purchase it here.

Otterbox's Latest Accessories Are Durable, Portable and Affordable

Otterbox looks out for you guys who desire a longer cable. Available in Micro USB and Lightning versions, the company sent me over their high-speed Lightning cable. The cable itself is braided which means it will avoid annoying fraying and knotting up. Also, the cable comes with an extended strain relief on both ends courtesy of the rubber tips making them that much more flexible. I haven’t had a problem connecting to any of my iPhone 7 Plus cases thanks to the small footprint the end that goes into your phone being super slim. And my rule of thumb is if it can fit an Otterbox case, it can fit any case. Obviously being made by Otterbox, this is a certainly. What’s more, the cable is 3-meters in lengths which is plenty long for any user. The ten-foot cable in the lightning version will cost you $34.95, while the micro-USB version is $29.95.

On the ride to and from, chances are you might have someone in your car that needs a charge. Rather than fighting over the AMP port, why not just get Otterbox’s USB Car Charger? Made with two 2.4 USB ports, you can charge you and a friend’s smart device up with ease. Now you’ll just have to figure out who gets the Aux cord, but I’ve checked with Otterbox and they do not have one of those for you. The USB Car Charger is also as portable as the wall charger so you can throw them in your bag whenever you need them. Available now you can pick that up for $24.95 here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Otterbox’s lightning cable is one of the longest, yet sturdiest cables that I’ve used to date. The car charger having two ports is always great and you can’t go wrong with a decent wall charger either

What Needs Improvements: The branding on the wall charger was a bit much, and the car charger tends to jiggle and it not completely sturdy if maneuvering your cable while driving

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