MediaTek Announces Dimensity 920 and 810 for Even More Powerful 5G Phones!

5G has gone from the “next big thing” to the default for all new devices in a very short time. Carriers are even offering customers deals to get them onto 5G devices, and there’s absolutely no reason in 2021 to buy a phone that does not support 5G. MediaTek is on it with their new Dimensity 920 and 810 chipsets!

MediaTek Dimensity 920 chipset; it may not look like much, but it may be inside your next smartphone!

Chances are that you’re not literally looking under the hood of your devices. Well, you might be, but that probably voids your warranty. In any case, inside your phone, the right chipset can do all sorts of magic! You might not think too hard about it, but the right chips can elevate your entire phone experience.

Highlights of the Dimensity 920:

  • MediaTek Smart Adaptive Displays: Gaming and other high-demand uses will increase the screen refresh, while reading and other more idle activities slow it down slightly, so you won’t burn your battery out as fast!
  • 4K Video Capture Hardware Engine: Supports up to 4 cameras and 108MP, so your phone has your back with great photos even if you’re not a pro photographer!
  • Boosted Performance/Advanced Connectivity/Smooth Gaming: The 920 has zippiness covered in every key area, so you’ve got speedy internet to go along with your gaming and intense Facebooking with up to 2.5GHZ processors.

Features of the Dimensity 810:

  • Faster Performance: Topping out at 2.4GHZ processors makes these slightly slower than their big brother, the 920, but they are still pretty impressively swift!
  • Cameras/AI features: These support better low-light capture and support up to 64MP cameras. They also support AI-color and bokeh blurring shots.
  • Smooth Gaming: The 810 supports MediaTek’s HyperEngine 2.0, so your gaming will be quite swift, even if it’s just playing against AI in chess and losing repeatedly.

When you get away from pure flagship phones, it can seem like they all offer the same specs and styles. What’s under the hood matters, and if you’re looking for an amazing bang for your buck later this year, be sure to look for MediaTek’s Dimensity 920 or 810 for a great phone experience!

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