WHOOSH! Keeps Your Devices Sparkling Clean, and Now There’s an Eco-Friendly Refill!

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WHOOSH! Keeps Your Devices Sparkling Clean, and Now There's an Eco-Friendly Refill! Listen to this article

WHOOSH! products make it easy to keep your devices and displays sparkling clean. Their products don’t contain harsh ingredients that can be harmful to you or your device, and their products are designed to be safe for you, your screen, and the environment. Now, they are getting even more eco-friendly with concentrated refills for their reusable bottles and cartridges.

WHOOSH! Products

Even before the pandemic started, I had a bit of an obsessive streak regarding keeping my devices clean. I mean, think about all of the things that you touch before you pick up your smartphone and how many times you pick your smartphone up throughout the day. How often do you give your phone a complete wipe-down?

It’s kind of gross when you think about it, but that’s where WHOOSH! comes in.

WHOOSH! has two lines of cleaners, Screen Shine and Sanitech.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is an odorless, alcohol and ammonia-free cleaner specially designed to be gentle enough for use on all screens and electronic devices.

Screen Shine comes with an antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth so that you can wipe away dust, dirt, and grime from your smartphone, tablet, computer monitors and keyboards, HDTV screens, smartwatch, gaming controllers, gaming devices, you name it — even your eyeglasses!

To be clear, WHOOSH! Screen Shine isn’t an antiseptic or a disinfectant, but that doesn’t mean it won’t remove most of the germs from your devices when you wipe them down with the included antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth. Take a look at this video to see it in action.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine comes in various sizes, including the very portable 1-ounce Screen Shine GO with an included antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth that sells for $9.99, the $11.99 2.7-ounce GRAB N’ GO, which comes with an antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth built into its base, and the $14.99 3-ounce Screen Shine GO XL, which comes with two antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloths.

If you need more for bigger jobs, there’s also a 16-ounce Screen Shine Pro which sells for $14.99 and comes with two microfiber cloths.

WHOOSH! Sanitech is a hospital-grade device and surface sanitizer that uses a broad-spectrum disinfectant to eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in 30 seconds using selective oxidation, which “attacks the viral envelope disrupting the core protein synthesis, preventing production, and eliminating the virus/bacteria.”

Even though it is a disinfectant, Sanitech is still 100% biodegradable, odorless, and doesn’t contain alcohol or ammonia; that means it is still safe for use on smartphones, smartphone gear, HDTVs, computer monitors, tablets, and gaming peripherals!

But on top of that, Sanitech is NSF certified as “no rinse needed” for food contact surfaces, which means it is safe to use on cooktops, cookware, cutting boards, and cutlery.

For $19.99, you can get a 32-ounce spray bottle of WHOOSH! Sanitech, which includes an antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth.

WHOOSH! was already putting out an environmentally-friendly product. Still, WHOOSH! has just upped their green-game with this latest CES announcement: they are introducing a new, eco-friendly line of screen cleaners and tech hygiene products with reusable bottles and cartridges.

The new bottles will contain a concentrate of WHOOSH!’s proprietary formula. To use it, you’ll just add water, and it will be ready to clean even the grossest-looking TV, computer screen, smartphone, gaming console, or other devices.

Once the full-size bottle is empty, the concentrate cartridge can be replaced and the same bottle refilled with water; these reusable bottles have a lock top for spill/leak-proof protection, and they come in 1-ounce, 3-ounce, and 16-ounce sizes.

WHOOSH! concentrate cartridges, when added to water in your empty, reusable WHOOSH! bottle will refill your Screen Shine or Sanitech product. In turn, that will reduce waste and keep your empty bottles out of landfills.

The new WHOOSH! refillable bottles and cartridges will be available this month, so be sure to keep an eye out for them on their site and Amazon.

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