Second Generation Lenovo Tab P11 Pro and Tab P11 Up the Power, Not the Price

Lenovo has done some great stuff when it comes to taking tablets to the next level; the new Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) and its elevated cousin, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen), promise to continue that trend.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Lenovo describes the new Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) as a powerhouse; based on its specs, they may not be overhyping things.

The upcoming tablet features Android 12 and has an 11.2″ cinematic OLED touchscreen with Dolby Vision HDR. That means it promises unmatched brightness, contrast, color, and detail.

The tablet also supports HDR10+ to increase its clarity further. Add in a 600 nit screen brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and a dynamic contrast ratio, and this is a tablet that will truly let you enjoy your movies or YouTube videos how they were meant to be seen.

Back of the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

But the tablet isn’t just for media consumption. Thanks to its 120Hz fast refresh rate and 360Hz touch response speeds, it’s also ready for those who love gaming. Graphics will be smooth, and the touchscreen will be responsive.

And whether you are curling up with your favorite movie or getting into the action with your favorite game, The sound coming from the four-speaker system from JBL and Dolby Atmos, which provide spatial audio, will help create a truly immersive experience.

The Tab P11 Pro builds on its predecessor with features like a powerful MediaTek Kompanio 1300T octa-core processor and up to 8GB RAM. The tablet has Wi-Fi 6 certification, which means users can access their content faster than ever — assuming your internet and router are up to the task, of course!

Battery life is rated at up to 14 hours between charges, so you’ll get well more than a day of use between charges.

Side view of Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

This tablet is not, however, just for recreational use. The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) includes a ThinkPad-inspired detachable keyboard with a built-in trackpad to get your work done on the go. Lenovo offers some of the best keyboards available, and we expect this keyboard will help turn this tablet into a productivity powerhouse.

But that’s not all. With the optional Lenovo Precision Pen 3, you can take handwritten notes, scribble love letters to your partner or draw the next great masterpiece.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

The pen magnetically connects to the tablet for storage and easy, wireless charging. Thanks to the updated Bluetooth radio, the pen auto-pairs with the tablet. As Lenovo notes, it can even be used to “remotely control on-screen documents, music, images, and recordings using the customizable button on its side.”

What has me most excited about this tablet from a productivity perspective is the fact that if you hold the button on the pen while tapping the screen, you’ll be able to take notes with Lenovo Instant Memo. It works when the screen is locked and even converts handwriting to text.

In other words, whether you are looking for a new Android tablet for work or play, the new Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) has something got everyone.

Lenovo Tab P11

If you don’t need something quite as powerful as the Lenovo P11 Pro (2 nd Gen), you might opt for the new Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen.)

It will ship with Android 12L7, has a four-speaker system with Dolby Atmos, an 11.5″ LCD, and up to 120Hz refresh rate. The MediaTek G99 octa-core processor inside is 50% more powerful than the previous generation.

The P11 (2nd Gen) is available with up to 6GB RAM and is Wi-Fi 6E enabled. Using the new wireless standard, this affordable tablet can offer an excellent voice and video experience on fast networks. It also means you’ll get stronger security. That’s really important as crooks are becoming more tech-savvy than ever.

Optional accessories for the new P11 tablet include a keyboard pack, the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 (2023), a Lenovo Smart Charging Station 2, and a Lenovo Folio Case with a built-in kickstand and pen holder.

Side view of Lenovo Tab P11

The new P11 tablet is lightweight, has a dual-tone modern casing, and will be available in several colors.

Lenovo is known for making products that can put up with years of use. My wife’s Lenovo laptop, which she got when she started her current job a few years ago, proves that.

More than that, however, Lenovo has promised to support these tablets for years to come and that both will receive at least two major Android OS upgrades, up to Android 14, and three years of security updates from the time of launch.

And there’s more. As Lenovo explains,

Both of these new tablets have been designed to filter out harmful blue light, helping to reduce eye strain and safeguard users’ eyes during those streaming marathons.

Also available on both is Lenovo’s cross-device collaboration software Lenovo Freestyle, previously known as Project Unity, an app that gives users the ability to seamlessly link their Android tablets to their Lenovo Windows PC8, transforming their tablet into either a portable second screen to extend their desktop or a wireless touch screen for their laptop.

Gone are the days when tablets could only be used for certain functions and PCs for others. With Lenovo Freestyle, users can universally control and collaborate across the two easily, using the pen or touchscreen to take notes and even sign documents on their PC without having to switch back and forth between apps.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) has a starting price of $399.99 and is expected to be available this September. The more budget-friendly Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) has a starting price of $249.99 and is expected to ship this January.

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