LG Gram Laptop and +view Monitor Bundle Is an Excellent Remote Work Setup!


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LG Gram Laptop and +view Monitor Bundle Is an Excellent Remote Work Setup! Listen to this article

Whether you’ve been pulled back into the office or you’ve finagled a chance to make the world your office, there’s almost always going to be times when you’re working from new places. Maybe it’s a coffee shop, an Air BnB, or your dining room table. You can work from anywhere, but you’ll sorely miss that extra screen if you’re used to a dual monitor setup. Good news, you don’t have to if you take advantage of Amazon’s LG Gram and +view portable monitor bundle!

LG Gram Laptop and +view Monitor Bundle

If you’re unfamiliar with LG’s Gram line, they’re lightweight but powerful laptops offering everything from roomy screens and power to 2-in-1 convertible devices.

All the computers as part of the Gram family are designed to be portable so you won’t break your back or the bank with them.

On the other hand, you won’t have to give up that second screen or wear out the alt-tab shortcut flipping around if you’re rocking the LG +view monitor, which makes this bundle so attractive.

The +gram is a 16″ portable monitor that connects via USB-C to your laptop. It can be used as a regular second monitor or can even be used in a rotated view to give you a bigger reading area or change the perspective. Best of all, it’s a mere 1.8 pounds and about 0.3″ thick, so it’s hardly going to weigh you down or take up an obscene amount of space in your bag.

At $349.99, it would be an attractive add-on no matter what, but getting one for free with a qualifying LG Gram laptop is a really, really great deal.

You can check out the full line of LG Gram laptops compatible with the +view promotion here, and the bundle is good through September 18th. Get your budgets and workspaces ready!

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