Amazon Connects Every Part of Your Life with New Eero, Echo, Ring Devices, and More!

Amazon is coming for literally everything in your home. Your books, home security, entertainment systems, car — even how you sleep — can all be connected, and Amazon wants to be that connection. The slew of new Amazon hardware and software features they announced this week shows they’re impressively close, and we are slightly overwhelmed just thinking about it all!

Amazon Connects Every Part of Your Life with New Eero, Echo, Ring Devices, and More!

First, let’s look at how Amazon plans to dominate your free time.

We’ve already discussed the Kindle Scribe, a 10.2″ Kindle with the ability to take notes as you read all your favorite trashy romance novels.

But when you’re done reading and want to catch up on The Boys*, there are a plethora of options. You can attach a Fire TV Cube and be able to use Alexa hands-free to control your viewing experience for $139.99.

Or, if you don’t like talking to your television, there’s the Alexa Voice Remote Pro for $34.99, which includes backlighting, shortcuts, AND a remote finder, because those things definitely go on walkabouts when unsupervised.

But if you want to combine all that into one, there’s the Fire TV Omni QLED Series, which will bring Alexa and Fire TV brains to televisions, starting at $799.99 later this fall. Judie reviewed the first-generation Fire TV Omni, so it will be interesting to see how the new version improves on the original.

No matter which you choose, there are a ton of new ways to enjoy all sorts of streaming fun!

*Pro tip: Do not watch Amazon’s The Boys while eating dinner. You’re welcome. 

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

Amazon didn’t forget about the Echo line, either. Are your kids entrenched in the Amazon ecosystem? If somehow you’ve been derelict in teaching them about digital assistants, fear not, for the Echo Dot Kids has been refreshed.

Your kids can learn all about always-listening digital assistants dressed as either an owl or a dragon, and Amazon will provide a year of Amazon Kids+’s kid-friendly digital library of books, games, and Alexa skills.

Gotta start them young, and you can get your kids hooked on Alexa for only $59.99.

Amazon Echo Studio

For adults, the Echo Studio has been updated via over-the-air updates with better spatial audio processing. In English, everything will have better clarity and better stereo sound, which is not a bad deal! The Echo Studio starts at $199.99.

Echo will also follow you into your car with new Echo Auto mounts for more placement options and better microphones so it can hear you even if you’ve super-cranked the AC, thanks to global warming. Not bad for $49.99!

Bonus car news: BMW drivers will also experience a bespoke Alexa experience. All the Alexa underpinnings but tied specifically to the BMW experience!

Amazon Halo Rise

We know what you’re thinking: all this sounds great, but Amazon just doesn’t have enough devices watching my every move.

Excellent news, we’ve got you covered there too. First, there’s the Halo Rise, a sleep tracker that sits on your nightstand to monitor your movements and rate your sleep, plus a wake-up light that’s far more pleasant than a blaring alarm.

It’s coming soon for $139.99.

Amazon Astro

And if you absolutely have to have the latest device and love robots, Amazon has updated their Astro robot to also recognize pets. If your dog is lonely, for only $999, an Astro can keep it company and even send you a video of what your pets are up to throughout the day.

Astro is also getting integration with Ring security because nothing says security like a tiny robot smiling at you.

Amazon Connects Every Part of Your Life with New Eero, Echo, Ring Devices, and More!

Also, on the security front are some updates for Ring and Blink. They’re adding a motorized mount to the Blink Mini that will allow you to use the app to move the camera around remotely, creating 360-degree room coverage. The mount alone is $29.99, and the mount plus the camera will be bundled for $59.99.

Amazon Blink Wired Floodlight Camera

Blink also has a Blink Wired Floodlight Camera which will offer two-way audio, 2600 lumens of LED light, and person detection, all via a wired connection. You can even store videos locally using a USB flash drive!

Security normally isn’t cheap, but this is downright affordable at $99.99.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

Finally, the last security update comes from Ring Spotlight Cam Pro. This gives you a crisp video and audio so you can give the FedEx guy instructions or scare away nosy neighbors with ease. Check who’s at the door without leaving the couch in high definition, starting at $299.99.

eero PoE 6 + eero PoE Gateway

All these connected devices need serious internet, and eero has updates there, too. The eero PoE 6 + eero PoE Gateway provides ethernet and WiFi gateways that will keep you streaming and your Astro robot broadcasting away. Eero Internet Backup will even let you set up a hotspot as a fallback, so even internet outages won’t stop your remote work.

Amazon is also integrating eero mesh networks into the Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock, meaning they’ll be both conduits to Alexa AND WiFi extenders!

Sure, we’re well into a dystopian future where everything in our house always listens and compiles information about us, but if you choose the Alexa ecosystem, you’re getting a suite of cool devices as a tradeoff!

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