The Lifesaver Bottle Is the Filtered Water Bottle That the World Needs

Lifesaver Bottle

Lifesaver Bottle, photo courtesy of Lifesaver Systems

The problem with most consumer filtered water bottles is the fact that they are really only good for everyday uses; like removing Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, etc, and making the already mostly safe water taste a little better.  You would not want to trust those bottles to keep yourself safe while out for a hike without access to clean, trustworthy water.  I use a filtered water bottle every day at work in order to improve the taste of the tap water and to cut down on the amount of plastic water bottles I use.

The Lifesaver Bottle takes a whole new, albeit, extreme, approach to filtered water bottles.  The Lifesaver Bottle removes 99.99% of bacteria, cysts, viruses, parasites, and other waterborne parasites without the use of chemicals like iodine or chlorine.  The Lifesaver Bottle has been used by over 30,000 military customers on active service since 2007.  The Lifesaver Bottle also complies with all British, US, and European drinking water regulations for Microbiological Reductions.  You can check out all of the juicy technical data, here.

Don’t get me wrong, the Lifesaver Bottle is not a replacement for my everyday office filtered water bottle.  The purpose of the Lifesaver Bottle is to bring clean, drinkable water to places where it would otherwise be inadvisable to drink the water.  For instance, Lifesaver Systems has used their technology to bring fresh, clean water to Haiti and Pakistan.  This same technology has been miniaturized into their 750ml water bottles.  This is a serious solution to a serious problem; the lack of clean drinking water throughout the world, especially in third world countries.

Photo courtesy of Lifesaver Systems

Photo courtesy of Lifesaver Systems

The Lifesaver Bottle  would be great to use on a multi-day hike through the woods, where clean water is at a premium. Just yesterday I received a review sample of this product, and I plan to put it through its paces on a 3-day hike this coming Memorial Day weekend on the Appalachian Trail.  When you’re on a multi-day hike, you don’t want to weigh your pack down with gallons of clean water because the heavier your pack is, the harder it is to hike!  Any weight that can be lifted from your pack makes for a more enjoyable hike.  I look forward to seeing whether the Lifesaver Bottle can save a few important pounds on my back.  Stay tuned for my full review!

Finally, if you want to see how well the filter works, check out this video:

The Lifesaver Bottle can be purchased from Lifesaver Systems for £99 plus VAT and shipping, here.

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