BN3TH Black Friday Sale Offers Big Savings on Base Layers

About two years ago, I became a fan of BN3TH’s underwear and base layers. Between their quality materials, their “MyPakage” comfort pouch, and their fun designs, the company offers a wide range of boxers and base layers. BN3TH products can be on the pricier side, but I’m convinced they are worth the cost because they are well made with quality materials, long-wearing, and so comfortable. During the BN3TH Black Friday Sale, you can save big when shopping.

My first introduction to BN3TH’s products was their Merino wool line.

BN3TH Black Friday Sale - showing three BN3TH garments made of Merino wool

I reviewed BN3TH’s black Merino boxer briefs and base layers and loved them. Made from 83% Merino wool, 13% polyamide, and 4% spandex, the base layers offer all the benefits of merino wool with added durability and stretch thanks to the additional materials. The 200gm weight fabric is a perfect three-season material.

I love the black long-sleeve and full-leg review samples I was sent and wear them constantly; their merino boxer briefs are also incredibly comfortable.

Recently BN3TH released a new pattern, Southwest Black. Made from the same merino wool fabric, the design is fun, even if not something I would usually pick. The boxers are shown here, but the company also released long sleeve and full-leg base layers with the same print.

BN3TH underwear in Southwest Black

I’ve been wearing them for warmth when lounging at home, and the bright design always makes me smile.

During the BN3TH Black Friday sale, merino base layers, which are usually $115 each, are just $80.50; that’s a savings of 30%!

BN3TH Black Friday Sale Offers Big Savings on Base Layers

The company also sent me some additional base layers from their PRO IONIC+ fabric. Made of 82% Polyester, 7% IONIC+ Polyester and 11% Spandex, PRO IONIC+ fabric base layers have many of the same benefits as merino wool but at a lower price.

BN3TH Black Friday Sale Offers Big Savings on Base Layers

Like all of BN3TH’s base layers, they have MyPakage Pouch Technology and their Pucker Panel gusset, which “works with the contours of your body, moving the seams away from your most sensitive areas for extra comfort.”

The PRO IONIC+ fabric doesn’t have the natural odor-fighting benefit of merino wool, but thanks to a permanent silver anti-odor technology, it still keeps you fresh.

The material is soft and comfortable. And, thanks to the spandex, it has just enough stretch for it to fit snuggly without restricting movement.

Priced about 50% lower than the merino wool offerings, many of the BN3TH PRO IONIC+ fabric base layer styles are currently on sale for 30-50% off. In addition, if you spend more than $150, you can save even more.

BN3TH Black Friday Sale Offers Big Savings on Base Layers

I like the feel of the base layers made from the PRO IONIC+ fabric. They do, however, have a rather synthetic feel. That’s not a bad thing, but if you want a base layer that falls between it and the merino offerings, you can check out the company’s offerings made from their Infinite fabric.

BN3TH Infinite fabric weighs 190gm and is made from 62% Polyester, 26% Modal, 7.5% IONIC+ Polyester and 4.5% Spandex.

It has the same design as BN3TH’s other base layers as well as their IONIC+ No-Stink Technology, so you’ll stay feeling and smelling fresh longer. But while this fabric is also synthetic, it has a soft, wool-like feel that is incredibly comfortable for all-day wear.

Base layers with long sleeves or legs are $75, while short sleeve versions are significantly less. And even though this line isn’t specifically on sale, during BN3TH’s Black Friday Sale, you can save significantly once you spend more than $150.

I never thought I would be someone who didn’t simply grab a three-pack of boxers, t-shirts, or assorted base layers at Costco and that I would instead be someone who sought out boxers that cost more than $35 a pair and base layers that cost more than $100, but BN3TH has shown me the difference in comfort you can get with a well-designed and constructed premium product.

Put simply, I’m a hell of a lot more comfortable since I started wearing their boxer briefs and base layers.

I love BN3TH’s merino offerings and wear both the base layers and the boxers constantly. The new fancies they sent offer the same level of comfort and many of the same benefits but are significantly less expensive. And they serve different purposes.

The merino base layers are amazing for temperature regulation. That makes them ideal on extremely cold days, and I expect to be outside. It also makes them an excellent stand-in for pajamas! (Seriously, don’t knock it until you try it.)

The Pro Ionic+ is thinner, even snugger, and it feels like a second layer of skin. On chilly days the base layers are a great way to have an added layer of warmth without the tiniest bit of added bulk. Honestly, once you put this base layer on, you’ll forget you are wearing it.

And finally, the Infinite base layers feel closer to natural fiber. They don’t fit quite as snugly, which makes them great for more casual wear.

Regardless of which materials you choose, I suspect you’ll be happy. BN3TH has hit upon a design that is so comfortable that once you purchase one product from them, I suspect you’ll be back for more.

BN3TH Black Friday Sale Offers Big Savings on Base Layers

Based upon my experience with how well their products perform and hold up over years of use, I think their prices are reasonable, but there is no getting around the fact that these are premium products. Considering that BN3TH rarely has sales, if you’ve been curious about trying their undergarments and base layers, this is definitely the time to do it!

You can check out all the items in the BN3TH Black Friday Sale here.

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