Purchasing the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack Would Be an Investment in Quality and Durability

If you want the convenience of a backpack that can carry your laptop and tablet but don’t want to sacrifice style, take a closer look at the new WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack. The Miles Laptop Backpack has two padded compartments, so you can carry a 16″ laptop and a smaller laptop or tablet.

Different colorways for the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack

The WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack is available in three colorways: Chocolate leather on Black ballistic, Black leather on Black ballistic, and Chocolate leather on Brown Canvas.

The bag is typical WaterField, which means it is constructed from the best, most durable materials possible and then crafted by experts who make bags that are more of an investment than a purchase. It is available in canvas with chocolate leather, ballistic nylon with black leather, and ballistic nylon with chocolate leather.

A man walks up a flight of stairs with the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack on his back.

The design of this bag is top-notch. Its sleek, refined design presents a professional yet modern look that stands out in any crowd. It has a dual-grain leather flap that ensures items inside the bag are provided maximum protection while also giving the bag a finished and elegant appearance.

The clasp is easy to open and close and adds to the refined appearance.

The zipper on the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack opened showing the two laptop storage compartments.

The internal laptop compartment is made from water-resistant nylon, while the smaller tablet compartment is constructed from soft microfiber material. In other words, when you place your pricey computing devices in the bag, you can do so confidently that they are nicely protected from scratches and bumps.

The interior of the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack with an assortment of mobile devices, books, and other gear inside the main compartment.

I’ve always appreciated that WaterField bags are designed with the functionality busy professionals need in mind. That is certainly the case with the Miles Laptop Backpack’s two padded compartments.

Being able to carry both a laptop and a tablet means you can easily switch between the different devices without worrying about them not fitting correctly inside the bag. And while I have no doubt some might wonder why anyone would carry both devices simultaneously, as someone who makes serious use of both a laptop and a tablet but relies on each for different purposes, I appreciate a design like this.

But that’s not where the design functionality ends. In addition to the two laptop/tablet compartments, there is plenty of room for additional gear such as chargers, pens, notebooks, and more.

In all, the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack is larger enough to let you carry whatever you need and keep it in one convenient place while not being so large that it is cumbersome or uncomfortable.

The zippered interior pocket on the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack

A small, internal zippered pocket keeps a few items readily accessible, and, of course, the entire inner portion of the backpack has WaterField’s signature gold nylon lining. The bright lining looks great while also making it easier to find items stowed inside the bag.

The shoulder straps and mesh panel on the back of the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack

As with all WaterField backpacks, comfortable shoulder straps make it easy to carry the bag all day long without wrecking your shoulders and back. The straps’ undersides and the bag’s back panel are lined with breathable material that will help keep your back cooler when wearing the bag on warmer days.

A built in suitcase handle panel on the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack

It also has a trolly slot that will save your shoulders and keep your bags together as you make your way through the airport.

Leather handle on the top of the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack

A leather handle on top makes it easy to grab the bag and go, while the rectangular base allows the bag to stand on its own…

The WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack has a rectangular base so it can stand on its own

Side pockets provide quick access to water bottles or other small items that you may need access to during the day.

The large pocket under the front glap of the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack

A central external pocket sits on the front side of the backpack and is kept safe when the leather flap is lowered and locked in place.

If you’re looking for a backpack that looks professional but still offers comfort and convenience, the WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack is worth considering.

It offers two padded compartments, which makes switching between different devices easy and hassle-free, and its stylish design means it won’t look out of place in any situation.

On top of all this, WaterField bags are built supremely well and will last a lifetime—making them an excellent investment!

A man with dark hair walking around a building on a railed walkway looks forward while wearing a windowpane suit and a black on black WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack.

The first two batches of the $359 WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack have already sold out, but the company is busy working on the third run now, which will ship on January 27th.

Click here to learn more about the new WaterField Miles Laptop Backpack.


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